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Magical Vocabulum: Consecrate

Magical Vocabulum: Consecrate- Dedicate formally for a divine purpose.

I came from a background of believing only clergy could consecrate something, but truth is anyone can consecrate something. We consecrate tools for spiritual use, we consecrate our dedicated space for crystals, and we even consecrate the dining room table for family meal time. It’s a practice that has evolved and been modernized over the years. We just probably don’t recognize that what we’re doing is consecration.

There’s a beautiful artistry¬†in the practice of consecrating. Maybe the word itself mystifies you. To consecrate something is to create a purpose filled intention or dedication. You might want to consecrate your yoga mat, your new car, an office, or even your bath time ritual supplies. There’s an intuitive creativity in this practice and you get to decide what that looks like. This is where you are the priestess and you set the intentions for your intuitive practice. One effective way to consecrate is with a practice called smudging. When we smudge, we smoldering a sage bundle so the smoke can cleanse the space or item to prepare for ceremony.

My work in this world is to provide sacred space for your spiritual liberty to take shape. We live in a world where leaders often seek to control every aspect of our lives, but we retain the power of personal autonomy. Venturing into this intuitively free practice can sometimes bring harsh criticism from loved ones, but they don’t have spiritual authority over you unless you give it to them. We have a community on Facebook where you can gain support in your practice and learn from others like you. You can join us here.

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