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Magical Vocabulum- Anoint

This Magical Vocabulum lesson comes from ancient practices dating back to ancient Egypt.

Anoint: to smear with oil for consecrating. To make holy or devote.

Ancient peoples anointed their tools, sacred spaces, and even themselves for holy work. Even the Bible tells the stories of anointing with precious oils. A practice many people have neglected and yet holds so much power. I feel we are in a time when our land deserves and demands our consecrated attention, intentions, and prayers.

When we use perfumes made of essential oils, botanicals, and even absolutes we are layering our intentions with these aromatic essences. Studying the intricate parts of each plant, the oils are taken from, opens a door of meditation to deepen our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. It’s a practice to heighten and deepen our senses as well as empowering our intentions to manifest the impossible in our lives.

I include a hand crafted anointing blend with several of my Altar Kits, because I understand the power and importance in anointing.

You can learn more in my class “Earth as Medicine”.  In these classes we explore a multitude of herbs and essential oils and how they work.

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