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Magical Vocabulum- Altar

The word ‘altar’ has some negative connotations for some, depending on what they were taught. An altar has been used by peoples from all different regions and spiritual paths throughout history and even in our modern day use of wedding ceremonies.

Altar- an elevated place for honoring deity or ancestors. Not to be confused with ‘alter’, which means ‘to change’ as in, making alterations.

While an altar is a physical place of reverence, the verb ‘alter’ is what can happen when we spend time in spiritual practice at an altar. If we aren’t growing and transforming through spiritual practice then we’re missing out on what we can accomplish in this life.

An altar can be set up to honor and beseech a deity for assistance or knowledge, but one does not need to seek a deity to work with an altar. An altar can be used to help you focus on intentions and goals you want to see manifest or to serve as a purpose of keeping us mindful of how we use our influence in the world. I sometimes arrange a mini family altar to support communication when the family is at odds with each other.

You can learn more about creating an altar in my course, “Intuitive Home Class”. In this class I teach you how to create your own intuitive practice at home and create a sanctuary of abundance and blessings. I hope you’ll join us.

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