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Magical Mothering, Wishes

When my oldest was about 6 years old, we were out for a Saturday morning stroll. At one nicely landscaped home, she spied a small yellow dandelion flower. She quickly snatched it up and wanted to knock on the woman’s door to present it to her as a gift. We knocked and waited. Jess stood there with this tiny treasure in hand with a big smile on her face. She couldn’t wait to bless this neighbor with her hand selected gift. When the woman opened the door, she saw that tiny flower and Jess playfully announced, “I picked this just for you!”

The elderly woman took it out of her hand and snarked in reply, “Oh good, I hate those things growing in my lawn” and tossed it like yesterday’s rotting banana peel.

The woman missed the opportunity to receive joy from the tiny heart that held that ‘weed’ in her magical little fingers.

To a woman who has worked hard on her nicely landscaped lawn, a dandelion was the poison to her pride and joy. To a small child looking for the magical spark in giving, the tiny flower represented all wishes coming true. Both perspectives are true angles of the dandelion flower. It most certainly is a weed, but not only does it transform into seedlings of magic wishes, it also contains valuable nutrients in it’s leaves that can be medicine for our bodies. If only we could see the gift Mother Nature bestows upon us when the lawn is covered in golden dandelions.

Perhaps she’s nudging us to see our doctor to see if we have need of the medicinal leaves and roots. Or perhaps its a message to plant new seeds to manifest many blessings.

Take time to listen to the Universe as little messengers come bearing magical gifts. You never know what seeds might be waiting to be planted for something magical to manifest.

Many blessings to you,


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