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Mabon, the Celebration of Autumn to Cheer our Spirits

This week we honor our deities, ancestors, Mother Nature, and we gather with magical loved ones as we dine together during this festive day! Mabon, the celebration of Autumn, is upon us!

Mabon, the second of three harvest festivals, honors Morgan, Thor, Persephone, the Green Man, and more! Today we feast on apples, squash, root vegetables, and figs! Don’t forget the FIGS!

We bring in branches, leaves, acorns, and pine cones to decorate our home with and prepare ourselves for some ‘sweater weather’ fun with friends and loved ones. Have you wild harvested for these items yet? It’s a fun adventure to hunt for these natural elements. Be sure to only collect what has already naturally fallen to the ground.

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There’s many ways you can create your own unique celebration and there’s numerous ideas on Pinterest. In years before we’re gathered with friends to have fun and created our very own magic jars to suit each person’s desires. Do you desire to manifest prosperity, create some protection magic, or attract peace for your family?

You can observe Mabon on any day during this week that works best for your schedule.

For some visual fun, swing on over to the Autumn Mabon Pinterest Board my daughter, Monica, and I put together for you.

Magical blessings and blessed Mabon!


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