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Mabon Crafting

We gathered for Mabon and had some fun crafting our magical intentions and feasting on delicious treats. There’s so much fun involved in the planning, cleaning, and preparing for having magical folk over for a night of manifesting together and gazing into sparkly crystals.

I love to share common holidays and celebrations with friends and gathering together is so vital in keeping a healthy perspective on life. Stress abounds in muggle life and magic shakes things up so we can breathe freer again.

A dear friend of mine shared a link with me, to a recipe for cornbread. (Thanks, Sandra!) But this wasn’t just any plain ol’ cornbread. It was a harvest cornbread decorated with nuts. But not just you’re average sprinkling of chopped nuts, this was a mandala design. I used a different recipe for the cornbread part, but still worked with the mandala idea for the design. My daughter, Monica, decorated it for us and I gave it a magical dusting of cinnamon and sugar.

Our friends gathered at the table where we had out our favorite herbs, resins, and dried flowers to create witchy jars. We talked about all the magical and medicinal properties of each ingredient and everyone created their own manifesting jars.

A little pinch of this and a sprinkle of that, along with all the good intentions and wishes. We corked the jars and melted wax to seal them. Some tied corresponding colored twine around them and either knotted them or tied bows. Some drew runes on the tops of their corks!

Some were layered perfectly while others were combined and shaken up. Everyone works their own magic in their own unique way. It’s all such wizardry fun! Then a little shopping while they were here. Everyone went home with something fun and sparkly!

Magical blessings,


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