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Is Astrology a Science?

I started working with astrology at a young age, as many of you may have. There was daily astrological readings for each of the zodiac in the newspaper and you may have seen the vending machines that have the monthly horoscopes rolled up in colorful scrolls. Maybe you’ve wondered if astrology is a science?

More often than not, the Taurean readings are pretty right on for me, but there have been some popular traits of the Bull that I disagreed with. I’ve read numerous website astrologists and watched YouTube astrologists over the years since the internet launched for the public and I find a lot of varying information.

Throughout the course of my studies and experiences I’ve come to accept that an astrologist’s readings are going to vary. I think that’s why critics are suspicious that astrology isn’t science. The truth is this, astrology is metaphysical. With that being said, nay-sayers will often scoff and ridicule people who believe in it.

Some Metaphysical studies are based on philosophy, but at the same time it includes the science of psychology. Psychology was’t considered a science until the late 19th century and there’s still a lot of people who don’t accept psychiatry as a legitimate profession or practice. So don’t be discouraged if people make fun of your path. When you understand how psychology works and spend time studying philosophy you’ll begin to see how science emerges in some metaphysical beliefs.

The reason I specify ‘some’ metaphysical beliefs is because not all metaphysical teachers hold the same beliefs and/or philosophy. After numerous years of working with people in recovery as a certified recovery counselor and as a doctor of spiritual healing, I’ve seen the connection between metaphysical beliefs and psychology. When I work with clients, I keep focused on balanced philosophy and psychology.

Astrology is a part of metaphysical studies and I firmly believe that we need to hold healthy beliefs in philosophy in order to understand an astrological reading. The more you come to understand about astrology and psychology the better experiences you’ll have with any reading. It’ll also help you make a better determination on which astrologist to work with.

So to conclude this article I’ll ask the question again. Is astrology a science? My best answer is that it depends on the astrologist guiding you. There are some astrologists who fly by the seat of their pants and try to read you the way the mentalists in Las Vegas do. There’s also some astrologists who approach their practice rooted in psychology and balanced philosophy.

I wish I could give you a better answer. I would love to say, “YES, astrology is backed by science”. Unfortunately, I feel it’s going to take a lot longer for medical professionals and scientists to accept astrology as, at the very least, associated with science. Part of this is going to depend on the astrological community changing the way they practice their paths and conduct their businesses. As consumers, you can help shift what we’ve always experienced by expecting your astrologists to work closely with psychology and to respect the sciences.

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