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Imbolc and the Goddess Brigid

Imbolc is the observance and celebration of mid-winter and the sun has been making its way back into our skies after the dark winter nights. February 1-2 marks this time and for thousands of years we’ve honored the Goddess, Brigid with this special time.

Brigid, Goddess of Light and Water

I know there’s a ton of other articles out there about Imbolc and Brigid, so I won’t bore you with more of the same old information. Some of the more unique things about Brigid are her connections with some fascinating legends that many of us are familiar with.

Brigid is known as a smith. She is the Goddess of working with metal to create tools and weapons. She’s also connected to the Arthurian legend and many believe she is the Lady of the Lake who forged Excalibur.

This early spring Goddess is also corresponded to herbs for healing and poetry. For these reasons, I believe she must have been a true witch at heart. Another of her crafts was to be with women in childbearing and welcome new life into the world. And isn’t the upcoming Spring all about new life?

Another legend teaches that Brigid is a special part of the Tuatha de Danaan branch of the Sidhe. A goddess of the fairies. How magical!!

Imbolc means in the belly, as in Mother Earth quickening with new life. Imbolc is one of four great fire festivals and Brigid is a goddess of fire. But in this instance the fire is more about light than heat.

So lets get to the magic of Imbolc and Brigid!!

I won’t bog you down with an never ending list of items to collect, in fact this is super easy and full of deep spiritual meaning.

Crystals for Honoring the Goddess, Brigid

Pyrite- I choose pyrite to work with to honor the smith craft of the goddess Brigid. Pyrite is made of iron and symbolizes strength and success.

Bloodstone– Working with Bloodstone is to honor her midwifery skills. Bloodstone is commonly worked with for all matters pertaining to health and blood. Blood has been known as a symbol of life and everlasting life by numerous spiritual traditions throughout history.


Citrine– Since the fire of Imbolc is more about light than heat, Citrine is my choice for any altar to honor this season and the Goddess. Citrine is known as the ‘light maker’ and for attracting success. It also symbolizes the gold hair of the Goddess.


Green Opal– Opal is made by the water content that grew within the crystal during its formation. It embodies the water element of the Goddess Brigid.

Green Opal

Staurolite (Fairy Cross)– These fantastic twinning crystals appear to look like fairy wings, surrounded in their sparkling matrix. It’s often held as a talisman and believed to bring the luck of the fairies to those who care for them. You know the time just as the sun peeks over the horizon? That’s when the dew on the plants begins to sparkle, just like the sparkle on a Staurolite (Stauro means ‘cross’ in Greek) crystal. That’s when you might get a glimpse of the Fae before they hide their delicate wings from the heat of the sun.

Fairy Crosses

You can place your Fairy Cross on your altar to the Fae to show honor and respect for their hidden ways. Don’t miss the chance to summon the fairies with our Little Bag O’ Fairy Magic to complete your altar set up.

My favorite activity for honoring Imbolc, after building my altar, is to do some early Spring cleaning. A lot of dust settles during the dark winter months and that dust serves as a metaphor, reminding us to clear out anything that no longer serves us. Use your broom to sweep away the past and welcome new life and new birth to your home.

I do hope you’ll join us in our online community for more discussions and free classes about our magical days and working with spiritual tools to bless your home and manifest miracles.

Magical blessings,


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