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Healing Crystals for Battling Negative Thoughts

Battling negative thoughts is a common occurrence for millions of people around the world. People try religion, life coaching, positive affirmations, and even healing crystals. My own journey began with investing in a crystal to help me battle and conquer negative thoughts about myself.

The group think of society conveys a negative vibe against everyone. Unfortunately, millions of consumers thrive on reading negative news stories and commentary on each other. It’s really awful when you think about how much of society *feasts* on garbage. Then they spew it out on others. It’s an atrocious way to live. It’s as if we live in a land full of zombies and we have to learn how to undo all those negative messages and start receiving what’s nourishing.

There was a time when I had left a spiritually abusive group and I had to battle very negative thoughts about myself. It was ingrained in me that I was nothing more than a worm, that any good I do is really just filthy rags, and so much more. I not only ate that lie, I believed it. I could tell you in a matter-of-fact tone that I ‘knew’ I was and shrug it off like it was no big deal. But deep down, it was festering.

Thankfully, we had left that environment and while on a trip we found a cool rock and mineral shop. It wasn’t a spiritual store, just a mineral store selling cool specimen pieces. I saw this cool green crystal and it kept grabbing my attention. The hue was so soothing to look at, it was glossy and cool to the touch. I put it down and kept looking at other pieces, but every time I glanced in its direction I felt drawn to it. I finally asked the owner if they had a book about rocks and minerals so could look that one up. She handed me a book of crystal meanings. The first attribute it described for this crystal was to battle negative thoughts about yourself. I gasped! It’s amazing how our intuition ‘knows’ how to reach out for what we need.

Now I’ve spent years working with crystals and guiding clients to learn which crystals can help them too. Part of working with crystals is beginning to learn what attributes each crystal offers, but also how to replace negative thoughts with nourishing thoughts. Once we learn the nourishing thoughts we need to believe them. Working with crystals to re-frame your path takes daily work, but over time you’ll start to see growth and healing.

I’ve gathered some crystals that have been proven to assist and support numerous clients, close friends, and family members of mine. There’s numerous ways to work with these crystals and you can learn more about that in our group, the Circle of Intuition. But for now I want to give you the knowledge of which crystals can support the journey of healing negative thoughts.

Green Calcite– Calcite is low on the measure of hardness scale (MOHS) so it requires extra care and attention when working with it and when storing it. It’s often associated with physical healing and is corresponded to the heart chakra. Allow it to work as a filter for your thoughts, gently cleansing out the negative ideas.

Selenite– Our thoughts can greatly influence our emotions and our emotions are governed by the moon. Selenite is associated with the moon and the deities associated with it. You can work with Selenite and the gentle moon beams to help support upbeat emotions.

Smoky Quartz– Smoky Quartz can transmute negative energy and is good to work with to help filter information before it infiltrates your psyche. All information we read and hear becomes a type of programming code for our minds. We need to make sure we’re filtering that code before we allow information in.

The next step is going to be working with crystals to manifest positive thoughts. You need to nourish yourself with a code worthy of your mind and body. Crystals to work with for manifesting positivity in your thinking are:

Orange Calcite– Work with Orange Calcite to re-energize the way you think about yourself. Just think about how energized you may feel after a brisk walk or when your immune system is strong from Vitamin C. You’ll want to nourish yourself with positive energetic input. Create 3×5 cards with affirmations that support you and hold your orange calcite while repeating those words 3 times each. Visualize those positive vibes penetrating your crystal so it can hold your new energy. You can keep that crystal with you all day and any time you feel your energy lever lowering, pull that crystal out and hold it while chanting your words again.

Rose Quartz– This crystal is historically known for its influence over the heart. When it comes to self-love, rose quartz is the popular choice by millions of people. I keep a rose quartz by my bathroom sink, just under my vanity mirror. I meditate on my own positive and nourishing words and thoughts while I prepare myself each morning.

In addition to working with healing crystals, it’s super important to have a support team. I hope you’ll join us in our group the Circle of Intuition where you can learn more strategies to help you in your journey.

Love and Positive Thoughts to You,


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