Healing Crystals

Millions of people all over the world hail the power of healing crystals. From gurus to celebrities, from witches to new age YouTube influencers, healing crystals have become quite the craze. There’s even board certified crystal healing schools where you can learn more about how to work with crystals in your own crystal healing business.

When it comes to all the latest bits of information about crystals, there’s probably not much more I can tell you that you haven’t already read about…except the things they aren’t telling you. I’ve attended a popular crystal healing school, got certified in aromatherapy, and completed some certifications at a state university and got my doctorate in spiritual healing. I’ve studied and researched crystals, the history of medicine, and ancient religions til I was blue in the face. For the most part I see these leaders in crystal healing speaking a lot of truth, but there’s also a lot of marketing gimmicks happening too.

Unfortunately, the marketing of crystals is a creature of its own and while any good business owner knows they have to advertise, they can sometimes be unethical about it. It has gotten so bad that the FTC had to crack down! The one big question people ask is, “can crystals truly heal or do healing crystals really work?” This is where we often get caught up in a never ending circle of mumbo jumbo talk aimed at selling us the highest priced crystal or overspending on courses that never answer the question.

The reason why that question isn’t really answered well is because we aren’t asking the right question. If we ask, “If I wear this crystal around my neck, will my cancer go away?” Ouch! That’s a BIG question. Cancer is a beast and requires hard core therapies. However, it is widely known that sick people who are optimistic and have tremendous love and support can often recover. Just look at Robin Roberts from ABC News! Her journey was extraordinary. Working with crystals requires more work than just wearing a necklace. Robin worked with her doctors and has a practice in meditation to reduce stress. Reducing stress can make numerous positive changes to your health.

Crystals are a component to healing, but they’re just a part of the bigger picture. We still need potent medicines that can tackle tough illnesses and diseases, but working with supportive elements such as crystals, essential oils, and ritual can make a huge difference in how we feel.

While we work with doctors, spiritual guides, and crystal practitioners the biggest element to manifesting healing is YOU. We all need to do our part in the great work of healing.

I’d love to work with you and invite you to join our Circle of Intuition so you can learn more about and harness the power of you and your crystals for healing.

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