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Fortune Telling and Tarot are Prohibited?

There are still numerous cities throughout the country that prohibit fortune telling and Tarot reading. However, there are hidden gems of Readers who practice in hair salons, massage parlors, and even in some dive bars. When I first filed for my city business license I was asked to write down “no fortune telling” on my application. I thought that was odd because I was applying as a retailer of rocks and minerals. The clerk was insistent and implied it was necessary to get my license. I felt discriminated against. I searched the city laws and didn’t find anything dictating that a retail shop that sells crystals and candles had to write “no fortune telling” on their application. I didn’t even add fortune telling as a service. I never mentioned it at all.

I was a bit put off by that and I asked if pastors had to do the same since they do fortune telling too. She looked at me with a puzzle and furrowed brow. I continued on that pastors tell you that if you give 10% of your income to the church that God WILL give back to you. I reiterated THAT was fortune telling. She looked bewildered, but said pastors are protected by their non-profit.

I came home and started researching the history of fortune telling laws (especially in my city) and found all kinds of stories about naive people who were taken advantage of by ‘fortune tellers’ who were sucking their bank accounts dry with promises to connect them with a deceased loved one! Those aren’t fortune tellers, those are greedy people who prey on grieving people.

Now here’s where I’ll probably step on some toes, but I can’t just NOT say something that can help you protect yourself. Those who have departed and passed through the veil don’t need money to get back to visit you or to deliver messages to you. You also don’t need to hand over your money in order to hear someone say you’re about to come into a big lump sum of money. Do you see the pattern here? Money, money, money.

Your spiritual path is worth far more than any amount of money a Reader could possibly ask from you. You should protect your spiritual life from being tainted by getting caught up in empty promises in exchange for money.

Now as far as “Fortune telling” goes, not everyone who offers Tarot readings are predicting the future. Not all Readers are going to tell you about fortune being in your future. There’s far too many people (and government officials) out there that are quick to pass judgement on anyone who works with Tarot. Some city laws don’t accurately define fortune telling so it puts a lot of Readers in a bind and inhibits them from their natural rights and Constitutional freedom in their spiritual practice. The freedom of religion.

There are Readers who want to offer guidance and government officials who want to abolish them. It’s been quite a battle, but if we can educate the public we may be able to help diminish this ongoing issue a little at a time.

Working with Tarot is a spiritual practice and is a tool to help guide your intuition. I offer services to help you learn how to work with Tarot yourself and how to sharpen your intuition. It’s still enlightening to have someone else read cards for you, but the more you know the better equipped you’ll be before shelling out your hard earned dough. You can book an appointment with me here.

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