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Each of your classes are created with flexibility so you can work at your own pace. You’ll be invited to exclusive groups for the classes so you can connect with other students and share projects from your studies.

Intuitive Home Solutions: Class for creating abundance and blessings

My philosophy is that women can wear many hats successfully. One need not be one or the other. We are not divided into a this or that category as women. If one is a stay-at-home woman or a full time out-of-the-home woman. The divided idea of “homemaker vs working woman” is contrary to our power. We embody it all! Most of my marriage I’ve been an at-home woman, working individual out-of-home jobs over the course of 25 years. No matter how many roles you have in this life, creating abundance and blessings at home is your birthright. My thoughts are that it all begins within and is practiced first at home for ourselves and our loved ones. It’s the safest place to start your intuitive practice and as you come into your power you’ll see magic manifesting everywhere you go.

This class is designed to introduce you to the basics of intuitive practice to create abundance and blessings in your life and in the lives of those closest to you. I’ve created this process to be flexible with your spiritual path no matter where you’re at currently. No prerequisites required.

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Earth as Medicine: Class for aromatic and earthy studies and correspondences to magical work.

In this class I introduce you to the world of herbs and essential oils along with their spiritual correspondences and how to incorporate them into your intuitive practice. I’ve been trained as an aromatherapist and have worked with herbs for about 24 years. My family has a long tradition of working with natural home remedies to support our overall wellbeing. The online¬†community is rife with unsafe usage of these elements and my passion is to impart wisdom for safe uses for your practical magic. We will study 36 herbs and 40 essential oils together. Each one with it’s scientific names, uses, natural origins, and spiritual correspondences. You’ll also learn which ones can be safely used topically, internally, aromatically, and which ones work well with the others. You’ll be creating aromatic synergies as well as body products to use at home.

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Magical Tools: Identifying magical tools and how they work.

You know that scene from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast animated film when Beast brings Belle into the library and she opens her eyes wide with wonder when she sees the endless shelves of books? That’s how I felt (and still do) when I see the vast amount of magical tools this world has to offer. From the tiniest and most simple tools (like seeds or thimbles) to intricate tools (like double terminated crystals or magic wands). In this class you’ll learn how to use what you may already have at home, what you can find on a nature walk, and some tools you might only be able to find online or at your nearest gem show. You’ll learn about 50 tools, the folklore/origins of those tools, and how to use them in your intuitive practice.

Next class in 2020


Intuitive Practitioner: Creating your own intuitive practice. *Certificate Course*

The wonderful thing about magic is you can be as creative as you want and there aren’t really any rules. However, there are guidelines many practitioners use to help them navigate their practice with wisdom and logic. We work with honor, respect, and protection when we set our intentions. You’ll learn how to arrange your tools on an altar, how to create grids, and maximize your power with the smallest amount of tools for those times when you don’t have a lot of tools available to you. We’ll study different modalities of intuitive wellness that you can use in your personal or professional sphere of influence. I’ve taken my 15+¬†years of education from both spiritual and secular leadership experiences to create this program. When you complete this program you will receive a certificate of accomplishment and completion.

This class includes all of the above classes: Intuitive Home, Earth as Medicine, and Magical Tools. This is also the class where we go deeper. It’s a program of deep personal inventory and growth. I’ll guide you through a series of lessons designed to equip you for serving this world with all the intuitive tools the earth has to offer.

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