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Folklore Magic to Inspire the Imagination

Folklore is Taylor Swift’s 8th album and her second album owned by her. She brings us this mesmerizing collection of lullabies to heal us during the pandemic. The forest witch aesthetic of her album exudes a cool fresh fantasy to escape to. Even in her Cardigan music video, she is seen in her nightgown in bare feet with her hair wound up in braided buns. The color scheme of green moss in a forest with waterfalls and a portal piano reminds us that it’s acceptable to find peace in tales and imagination.

This folklore collection of crystals was inspired by her album (specifically Cardigan). I pulled together green moss, Petrified Wood, Chlorite Green Quartz Generator, mini birch logs, pine cones, tumbled clear Quartz, Peridot and Black Onyx chip stones, and Green Kyanite.

This folklore inspired grid carries the intentions of renewal, rebirth, healing, regeneration, ancient wisdom, and calming energy. You can receive a portion of this grid, but be sure to note in your purchase “folklore collection” so your shipment contains elements from this specific grid. Offer while supplies last. If you would like to purchase this entire grid, please contact me as soon as possible. Once treasures begin to sell this particular grid, in whole, won’t be available. However, I can create a new one and hold ritual again to bless it for you.

This grid was blessed with a palo santo cleansing ritual and a fairy chime sound bath.

All treasures come gift wrapped.

Magical blessings,


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Lemurian Sea Magic for Untold Manifesting Power

This collection of crystals and sea urchin fossil is reminiscent of the ancient lore of Lemuria and the golden shores now hidden from us. While scientists have yet to discover this fantastical land, our imaginations breathe life into the tales of its knowledge and power. We are a funny sort of human race, given to folklore and imagination at every turn. However, imagination is a key to our magic and accessing that spark is crucial to manifesting our gifts.

This stunning Lemurian collection includes deeply magical Blue Calcite towers (popularly known as Lemurian Blue Calcite, gleaming Clementine Aura Quartz, double terminated Quartz wands, angelic blue Celestite crystals, miniature Copper nuggets, and a fossilized Sea Urchin. The Blue Calcite towers are geometrically arranged into a star pattern to represent Lemuria’s distant divine energy and protection. The Tangerine Aura Quartz is in an inverted star pattern to compliment the Blue Calcite’s positioning. The outer corona of this grid follows the same pattern with double terminated Quartz and Celestite crystals. This grid is anchored by the Fossilized Sea Urchin to represent the magic and wisdom of the sea and adds its circular symbolism of Lemuria’s original perfect state. The grid is then encircled with a steady flow of Copper to conduct its magnificent energy out into the universe.

You can take the plunge into this magic and receive a portion of this grid while supplies last. This Lemurian Collection was bathed in sound energy, cleansed with sage, and blessed in ritual with a conch shell trumpet. If you’re interested in the entire grid please contact me as soon as possible. When you’ve completed your shopping please include a note to indicate your purchase is to include crystals from this grid by simply noting the word “Lemurian Collection” at check out.

Magical blessings,


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How to Build a Successful Crystal Grid to Immediately Manifest Rain

Creating a crystal grid to manifest rain is serious business. Weather magic shouldn’t be taken lightly or done on a whim. As a priestess, our work is a great work that requires self-discipline and discernment. We’re here to support Mother Earth and all creatures who reside here and should never work magic that could have negative consequences. You can open another browser and listen to this ambient healing music while reading.

Crystals needed-

  • Center: Large Clear Quartz
  • Inner Circle: 8 small celestite crystals to represent the 8 sabbats in the Wheel of the Year
  • Center Circle: 4 aqua aura quartz points with 4 celestite crystals, each to represent the 4 elements.
  • Outer circle: 24 celestite crystals to represent the last two years of drought. (adjust according to your needs)
  • Corona: The outer most corona of the grid has 8 clear quartz points to represent the directions and quarter directions, N, NE, NW, S, SE, SW, E, W.
  • Tiger’s Eye: Not shown in grid, set off to the side, to represent the wisdom of the gods and goddesses who decide how much rain and when to stop precipitation.

Other tools needed

  • Sage
  • Rain stick
  • Chimes
  • Drum

Prior to building the grid:

  • Sage cleanse all crystals
  • Self reflection meditation to cleanse inward intentions.
  • Bless the work space and the crystals with chimes.

Arrange the grid beginning with the center and working outward in a clockwise motion to represent forward movement of rain. With each crystal placement, give thanks and offer prayer for rain. When you place the directional crystals, give thanks to the directions. Using the rain stick, begin movement of stick to create the sound healing while working with your intention to bring rain. Visualize the ecosystem collecting the evaporation from the local bodies of water to collect the moisture into the atmosphere to create the clouds. Encircle the space above the grid with the rain stick three times, while turning the stick to create the sound of rain. Next, work with your ritual drum and begin drumming at the pace of your heartbeat. Continue the drumming for 3 minutes. While drumming, begin gentle summoning of the wind to move the clouds into position. Visualize the rain gently releasing then becoming more consistent. Once your visualization is complete, give thanks. Allow grid to remain in place until the rains come and replenish the location needing the rain. Remember that our environment takes time to create rain. Be patient. As soon as the rains begin, offer thanks and deconstruct the grid.

Image by Konyvesotto from Pixabay

How to Deconstruct Your Crystal Grid

Approach the deconstruction of your grid with reverence and gratitude. Meditate and offer thanks for the response from the Universe (your gods etc). Beginning with the North point, begin removing each crystal, counterclockwise from the outer corona then inward. You’ll be working in this clockwise order until the grid is unraveled completely. Once complete, sage cleansing the work space. You can also work with a singing bowl in Note B, as seen here.

Create an offering of thanks for a body of water near you (pond, lake ocean etc). White flower petals are a nice offering.

Cleanse your crystals with a bell and gently wash with water and mild natural soap. Place crystals under the next full moon, overnight.

Be blessed and I pray this grid brings you the blessings of water energy.

As with all magical work, be sure to replenish yourself. Drink water and meditate, maintaining your center.

If you have any questions please comment below for further guidance.

Blessed Be,


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Healing Crystals for Battling Negative Thoughts

Battling negative thoughts is a common occurrence for millions of people around the world. People try religion, life coaching, positive affirmations, and even healing crystals. My own journey began with investing in a crystal to help me battle and conquer negative thoughts about myself.

The group think of society conveys a negative vibe against everyone. Unfortunately, millions of consumers thrive on reading negative news stories and commentary on each other. It’s really awful when you think about how much of society *feasts* on garbage. Then they spew it out on others. It’s an atrocious way to live. It’s as if we live in a land full of zombies and we have to learn how to undo all those negative messages and start receiving what’s nourishing.

There was a time when I had left a spiritually abusive group and I had to battle very negative thoughts about myself. It was ingrained in me that I was nothing more than a worm, that any good I do is really just filthy rags, and so much more. I not only ate that lie, I believed it. I could tell you in a matter-of-fact tone that I ‘knew’ I was and shrug it off like it was no big deal. But deep down, it was festering.

Thankfully, we had left that environment and while on a trip we found a cool rock and mineral shop. It wasn’t a spiritual store, just a mineral store selling cool specimen pieces. I saw this cool green crystal and it kept grabbing my attention. The hue was so soothing to look at, it was glossy and cool to the touch. I put it down and kept looking at other pieces, but every time I glanced in its direction I felt drawn to it. I finally asked the owner if they had a book about rocks and minerals so could look that one up. She handed me a book of crystal meanings. The first attribute it described for this crystal was to battle negative thoughts about yourself. I gasped! It’s amazing how our intuition ‘knows’ how to reach out for what we need.

Now I’ve spent years working with crystals and guiding clients to learn which crystals can help them too. Part of working with crystals is beginning to learn what attributes each crystal offers, but also how to replace negative thoughts with nourishing thoughts. Once we learn the nourishing thoughts we need to believe them. Working with crystals to re-frame your path takes daily work, but over time you’ll start to see growth and healing.

I’ve gathered some crystals that have been proven to assist and support numerous clients, close friends, and family members of mine. There’s numerous ways to work with these crystals and you can learn more about that in our group, the Circle of Intuition. But for now I want to give you the knowledge of which crystals can support the journey of healing negative thoughts.

Green Calcite– Calcite is low on the measure of hardness scale (MOHS) so it requires extra care and attention when working with it and when storing it. It’s often associated with physical healing and is corresponded to the heart chakra. Allow it to work as a filter for your thoughts, gently cleansing out the negative ideas.

Selenite– Our thoughts can greatly influence our emotions and our emotions are governed by the moon. Selenite is associated with the moon and the deities associated with it. You can work with Selenite and the gentle moon beams to help support upbeat emotions.

Smoky Quartz– Smoky Quartz can transmute negative energy and is good to work with to help filter information before it infiltrates your psyche. All information we read and hear becomes a type of programming code for our minds. We need to make sure we’re filtering that code before we allow information in.

The next step is going to be working with crystals to manifest positive thoughts. You need to nourish yourself with a code worthy of your mind and body. Crystals to work with for manifesting positivity in your thinking are:

Orange Calcite– Work with Orange Calcite to re-energize the way you think about yourself. Just think about how energized you may feel after a brisk walk or when your immune system is strong from Vitamin C. You’ll want to nourish yourself with positive energetic input. Create 3×5 cards with affirmations that support you and hold your orange calcite while repeating those words 3 times each. Visualize those positive vibes penetrating your crystal so it can hold your new energy. You can keep that crystal with you all day and any time you feel your energy lever lowering, pull that crystal out and hold it while chanting your words again.

Rose Quartz– This crystal is historically known for its influence over the heart. When it comes to self-love, rose quartz is the popular choice by millions of people. I keep a rose quartz by my bathroom sink, just under my vanity mirror. I meditate on my own positive and nourishing words and thoughts while I prepare myself each morning.

In addition to working with healing crystals, it’s super important to have a support team. I hope you’ll join us in our group the Circle of Intuition where you can learn more strategies to help you in your journey.

Love and Positive Thoughts to You,


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Crystals for Taurus

The season of Taurus is April 20- May 21 and brings us bountiful prosperity, dependability, achievement. It’s time to relax and enjoy the sun. Not even a butterfly can distract a Taurean from enjoying their favorite spot. A Taurus loves to bask in the sun of it’s favorite meadow.

Crystal for Taurus

Taurus is a fixed sign with the element of earth. The earth keeps them grounded and unmovable. Their ruling planet is Venus, Goddess of beauty, the arts, pleasure, and emotions. Venus’s influence in astrology is in creating a life of luxury and profound creative ability. Any Taurus should have a collection of beautiful crystals in their life.

A Taurean has a purpose in life and are steadfast in their decisions. Patience is one of their key strengths. They’re not one to be rushed through anything new, but once they see the vision ahead they’re leadership skills begin to shine. While some may have a temper, it’s rare for anyone to see it. Even though the bull prefers to graze in the pasture and enjoy life, if they’re pushed to the limit people will quickly realize they shouldn’t be challenging a bull.

Crystals that can support you are Citrine, Rose Quartz, Rainbow Moonstone, Ametrine, and Lapis Lazuli.

Citrine– The Taurus Zodiac really is the one sun sign that is predominately associated with financial prosperity. If you work with money, marketing, or the law of attraction then citrine is the crystal for you.

Rose Quartz– Taurus is the sign that loves to be lavished in beauty. They’re all about the aesthetics and if you know a classic Taurus he/she may be the one friend that always has a well put together outfit, matching jewelry, and probably has a knack with decorating their homes. There is beauty everywhere the Taurean looks. Rose Quartz is the crystal to work with for all matters of beauty. Most especially, inner beauty.

Rainbow Moonstone- A solid Taurus personality is likely to be seen as one with a solid emotional well being. Once they know what they believe they stand firm and steadfast in those beliefs. It takes quite a storm to shake up a Taurus and even then he/she may not budge.In matters of faith and spirituality, they’re an unmovable rock. Rainbow Moonstone is the crystal for working with balanced emotions.

Ametrine While a Taurus can have those great steadfast qualities, they can also struggle a bit with being dogmatic about some issues. It can make for a difficult power struggle. Ametrine is a wonderful blend of two crystals, Amethyst and Citrine. When I think of Ametrine I think of Yin and Yang. Working with Ametrine can soften a Taurus and support balance.

Lapis Lazuli Taurus is all about self-confidence and doesn’t shy away from leadership roles. Lapis Lazuli is the stone of self-confidence and supports speaking your truth. Work with a Lapis Lazuli ‘worry stone’ to remind yourself that what you have to say is important to share with the world.

May the energy of these crystals resonate with your journey through the season of Taurus. You don’t have to be a Taurus to glean from their ancient wisdom. Each sun sign is there to teach us valuable lessons about ourselves and support us as we walk through every path of the Zodiac.

Magical blessings,


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Aries Season and Crystals to Support You

Aries season is upon us and we honor and celebrate those born between March 20th – April 19th. Also, those whose Moon is in Aries! Have you ever discovered what your moon sign is? You can get your free Natal Chart from Astrostyle or use the TimePassages app (free). Now lets learn about the crystals that can support our strong and fiery Ariens.

There’s always going to be boundless images on the net and on Pinterest that claim which crystals are for Aries (and all the other signs in the Zodiac), but lets take a look at WHY certain crystals can support an Aries or a person whose moon is in Aries.

One of the foremost characteristics of an Aries is the symbolism of rebirth, renewal, and new beginnings. Aries is the first in the line of in our Zodiac and leads the way. For rebirth we work with Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz– Rose Quartz is the traditional stone of love and for any rebirth process we need to have a good foundation in love. Love is what inspires us to go further in life. Ariens tend to be generous souls, always willing to lend a hand when someone is in need. They usually are seen as having a magnetic personality and draws people toward them.

Argentinian Blue Calcite– This form of blue calcite holds a lovely water energy, as if from the sea herself. This crystal is to offer support to our zodiac brothers and sisters because Aries is know for having a quick and hot temper. Blue Calcite cools those hot emotions to bring balance to their mood.

Carnelian– In the photo above you’ll see a Carnelian flame because Aries is a fire sign in the zodiac. While Aries holds its own fire energy, the Carnelian stone is known for creativity and energy. If you know an Aries you may have noticed their ability to take action when it’s needed. This is a spectacular characteristic and Carnelian is there to support this strong vibe.

Lepidolite– Ariens tend to struggle with patience so I offer Lepidolite as a support crystal. Lepidolite contains lithium, a mineral known to assist in calming your nerves which can support them in being patient. This doesn’t mean you should grind this beauty down and take it internally, leave the meds up to your physician. 😉

Honey Calcite– Aries is known for being optimistic and optimism is supported through honey calcite. This juicy and sweet little crystal is buzzing with positive vibes!

Here’s a quick run down on a few facts about Aries:

  • Element: Fire
  • Ruling Planet: Mars
  • Symbol: Ram

Dreams and Animal Totem: If a ram has presented itself to you in a dream, it could be a message that there’s an opportunity and you need to lower your head and charge full steam ahead. It could also mean you have an obstacle to get through and your ram spirit animal is there to guide you to break down those barriers.

Magical blessings,


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New Moon Intention Settings

February’s New Moon is on the horizon, making it’s approach to our skies on February 4th. I don’t know about you, but I wanna see manifesting in my life every month in 2019! Wouldn’t it be great to see your intentions actually materialize?

New Moon

When I’m working with the New Moon, I’m gathering herbs, candles, and crystals (along with some anointing ritual oils) to bring some spark to my craft. I just happen to believe that incorporating the elements into my spiritual practice makes all the difference.

One year when we were visiting Palm Springs I set some intentions to find something very specific for my practice. Whenever we arrive at one of our villas, I always set up a crystal grid and smudge. As I was meditating in our villa, I visualized a small round dish, made of clay. I pulled out some paper and anointed my pen and began writing down exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a small round clay dish, but I needed it to be made by a woman artist who was devoted to her craft. I included my budget, $5. My intuition began to flow as I visualized this little hand made treasure. I repeated the description out loud three times and explained exactly how I wanted to find it and where. At the very end of this intention setting I felt a further nudge from Spirit…. I drew a heart on the paper. I wrapped it into a small square and placed it in my purse.

Later that night, at the street fair…I found a pottery vendor…a female…an artist devoted to her craft…and a box of small clay treasures. I gently sorted through the box and found it! A small clay dish, hand made by a devoted female crafter…and as I turned it over, BEHOLD! I saw a small heart carved into the bottom. The heart is part of her signature.

I was so ecstatic about this spectacular manifestation that I called my husband over. I called the woman over and showed her my list! I explained about how I set my intentions and told her exactly what I was searching for and showed her the small clay treasure I found at HER booth! She was so excited and asked if she could have my intention paper. Of course!

It was such a magical night for both us us. The Universe gave us both the confirmation that magic is real. There really is power in the pen.

Sometimes I have very specific crystals I wanna work with, depending on what the intention is for. But I also have some crystals that are an all-around smart choice for anyone to work with, under the New Moon.

Crystals for New Moon Manifesting

When the moon is dark and the night is deep, I reach for Black Moonstone.

Black Moonstone

Black Moonstone is the premiere crystal to have take center stage on your New Moon altar. It’s symbolism is to empower you in all new things. This is the birth place of all new ideas and inspiration. I associate Black Moonstone with the Goddess, Morrigan. It’s secretive energy teaches us the mysteries of this ancient Goddess. As much as we all would love to say we work in all love and light, sometimes love requires the kind of strength The Morrigan can offer us. It can be dark, mysterious, and empowering. The energy we receive and manifest from working with Black Moonstone is the kind of energy that gives us the strength to be vocal leaders for equality for women.

Another magical treasure I sometimes work with under the New Moon is Labradorite, especially in sphere form.

Labradorite has been worked with by magic practitioners for support for the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras. It teaches us to allow our inner magic to be brought into the light to sparkle radiance in our lives. Labradorite has been partnered with healers to expand awareness of the heart and mind, develop psychic skills, and support for lucid dreaming. This makes Labradorite an astounding choice when setting intentions.

One last recommendation is to work with my Intuition Kit, curated to inspire your intuitive process.

Any time I work with magical intentions, I enlarge my borders to visualize what else I’m needing. When it comes to intuition, tunnel vision can severely limit our visionary journey. This is why I include several stones in this kit for you to work with. This kit is designed to help you connect with others (including spirit guides or angels) with an intuitive communication style.

After manifesting that scared little dish, I wished for all my loved ones to be able to manifest like that! We gather together in an intimate group on Facebook to seek wisdom, counsel, and guidance for our magical workings. I hope you’ll join us there and share your manifestation successes with us. *Mention this article when you join and get a special discount code for this upcoming New Moon.

Magical blessings,


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Crystal Healing Room by Room

When I first began working with crystals all I could do was place my one wee Green Calcite on my dresser in my room. That was all I had! My husband started noticing that I was buying the smallest crystals (partly because that’s all the shops around here had at the time). Oh it was also because cost was (and still is) a bit high for anything larger than a penny. Then he accompanied me into a crystal shop! He fell in love just as much as I had. He teases sometimes saying to his friends that I can’t be trusted with a wallet full of money when I enter a crystal shop, but the truth is he can sometimes be more enamored with the larger specimen than I am.

We have traveled from West Coast to East Coast and back again (even to the Pacific islands) and visit every crystal shop we can find along the way. We’ve been quite fortunate to find some reasonable priced places with nice quality minerals. Now that our collection has grown we have been able to add crystals to each room of the house (and even for the cars). In the video below I share some of my recommendations for which crystals to add to each room of the house and why I would choose those particular crystals.

Does any of this resonate with you? Do you have different crystals in those rooms than I do? I’d love to hear how you integrate crystals into your home decor.

Magical blessings,

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My Relationship with Larimar

My personal story of working with Larimar is quite magical and intuitive. I was searching Pinterest for crystals, just for the mere pleasure of it. I came across Larimar and had never seen it before. I instantly fell in love and started pinning as much of it as possible. I love Pinterest! My crystal collection at Pinterest has become quite extensive. A few days later, I stumbled upon an online psychic who gave crystal readings. I was skeptical, of course. How could someone offer a reading online without my physical energy?

I was supposed to send in a question and I came up with a very complicated question regarding relationships (though I didn’t say who the relationship was with). The next day, I received an email from her and she recommended Larimar! The very stone I had just fallen in love with. Was the Universe beckoning me, or what?!? Now here’s the crazy synchronicity in this experience, my cryptic question to her had to do with kin. A very specific situation and her reading was *all about the very subject matter* that I had NOT disclosed to her. Larimar became one of my all time favorite crystals! I now use Larimar on our family altar.

Larimar is also known as the dolphin stone and corresponds to Atlantis and some say, Lemuria! Though the theory of Lemuria states the land would’ve been in the Indian Ocean. The Dominican Republic (where Larimar is mined) is in the Atlantic Ocean. Some speculate that any under water civilizations are connected to crystals associated with the Throat Chakra. There’s a lot of discussion, theory, and debate about ancient civilizations so we continue to explore the mysteries together.

Have you had a personal experience with Larimar? I’d love to hear about it.

Magical blessings,


May your adventures be mysterious and guide you to love.

Don’t miss your chance to obtain one of these oceanic treasures:

Little Bag of Mermaid Magic©

Larimar Sachet

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Practical Moon Magic with Selenite

Have you ever considered the practical magic of the moon? We’re all  a part of this natural universe and intimately connected to all that is! Many spiritual paths teach that we come from Mother Earth in some fashion or another. Whether it’s from evolution or from the dust of the earth with the help of a Creator, we are one! 

It’s often said that the moon is connected to the female monthly cycle. Even tea companies market special blends marketed as Moon Cycle or PMS tea. Magical practitioners often serve women as crystal healers, aromatherapists, and herbalists to create a treatment plan to assist and support them for overall wellness.

But have you thought about how similar we, as women, are to the moon?

The Moon is responsible for our ocean’s tide, making her intimately connected to our water energy. With her weaker gravitational pull, she exhibits the uplifting benefit of making us feel weightless from our worries. Since the Moon has no atmosphere, there is no sound and the “sky” always appears black. Drawing upon the energy of the moon can be beneficial in meditation as we seek solace and stillness.

The Moon’s rocky substance consists of Iron and Magnesium, both elements that women lose during their monthly cycle. Which makes our draw to the moon each month all the more understandable.

There is one thing we all have in common, our love of the moon.

Next we come to the magical name of the moon, Luna. Luna is known all over the world under different names, one of which is Selene. This is where we get the name, Selenite. Selenite is named after the Moon Goddess herself. She is the patron deity of our Mother Earth’s only natural satellite. Selene is a Goddess in the Greek Pantheon, often said to be riding her chariot across the sky. The crescent moon is sometimes likened to the bull’s horns, making a Taurus moon quite special.

When I’m working with Moon energy, I immediately go to my Selenite tools and the associated elements with herbs and essential oils.

Herbs associated with the Moon include, but are not limited to,

White Sage
Clary Sage
White Roses
Night Blooming Jasmine

Crystals Associated with the Moon:


In my shop are various Selenite listings to aid you in your spiritual practice.

Selenite Castles can be placed by the bedside table for eliminating fear (substitute for a night light), especially for children. It’s their angelic spirit light to keep the space gently illuminated with energy for expelling dark entities.

Selenite is a great gift for anyone moving into a new home for harnessing new-home blessings.
Keep one in a spare bedroom used for guests.
Keep in your specimen curio cabinet to help your crystal collection to remain balanced in their natural energies.

Selenite Slabs: Use these plates for placing jewelry on, over night, to cleanse and balance any intruding energy that followed you home.
Use as a method of keeping anointing oils clear and balanced. Place anointing oil bottles atop the plate during the full moon.
Keep wherever you store your white ritual candles.
Use as an altar piece. Create a mini altar atop the plate.

Selenite Wands Wrapped with Wire and Adorned with Crystals for use in your ceremonial practice.

*Carnelian- Known as the stone of energy and focus, when combined with Selenite can bring clarity to your energy and help keep your gaze front and center.
*Kyanite- Often used as a tool for psychic practitioners, becomes a powerful ally to have clear perception.
*Rhodochrosite- Exhibits tender and loving energy, making this combination with Selenite a perfect tool for feminine needs.
*Charoite- One of Mother Nature’s premiere dream stones and illuminator of truth, allowing access to lessons learned in past lives, healing emotional fears.

All of these items can be found in my Etsy shop. The link is at the top of my website.

I have a special class about Selenite and the moon correspondences planned for you in our Facebook group. You can join here.

Magical Blessings,