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Conjur Your Inner Magic and Rise Above the Crisis

We’ve been quarantining since March and the days seem to disappear like sand through loosely woven wicker. Our dance steps stumble while we reach out for something stable to balance ourselves on. There’s been an overwhelming dread of the unknown, this invisible threat is our daily monster and our swords can’t even see this dragon in order to slay it. We ask ourselves if the next time we drive by to wave at grandma, if it’s the last time we’ll see her. We remind her to wear a mask when food deliveries arrive and we’re quick to leave Yelp reviews for other customers to know which stores are the safest. Some days I feel like the family in the film, The Quiet Place. Being careful of every step. Wiping down all groceries, disinfecting touch points, properly wearing masks, avoiding people by six feet distancing. Not one step can falter, we must remain vigilant and balanced. It can be exhausting. This collective crisis has affected the entire planet.

It’s time to awaken our folk magic

We’re on the sixth month of this trek and I feel like we’re not even to Mordor yet. We all need our own Samwise Gamgee to help sustain us. This journey leaves us parched and we battle through our fears the best we can. This week I feel like we woke up in the misty mountains of Lothlórien when I listened to Taylor’s latest album, folklore. She certainly captured the elven oasis we all needed access to. She invited us into her musical portal to another realm to rest and be refreshed.

Among all the disinfecting of surfaces and hand washing our cloth masks, it was time to conduct an intense cleansing of my altar space. The Full Moon, Saturn, and Jupiter came into alignment revealing our need for ritual. All the crystals and tools need to be cleansed and the energy refocused. While I stand in solidarity with my human race, I have to find my own balance again. This collective crisis will not defeat my spirit.

It’s time to roll up the sleeves of our ritual robes and reignite the fires of magic. Throughout history, people of various religions knew that when crisis came upon them it was time to pray, march, and sing. It’s time to take out that wand and our other intuitive tools. We have a great work to do.

We can’t stop encouraging one another. Now is the time to get serious and not loose ground. Dig our heels in and do the great work of our ancestors.

We must be consistent and not waver. Our families and loved ones need to know there IS a future waiting for us. Don’t wait until the future surprises you, be ready for it. Create your daily ritual and be faithful with it. Anoint the door posts, sage the home, diffuse essential oils. Liven up your home, write letters to loved ones, and cook together. The holidays are just around the corner. Organize your recipe cards, plan the feast details, get your shopping done early. We’re not sure yet if we will have the same old traditional holiday gatherings, but we can and should create the most memorable holiday ever. These traditions are our rituals of love and friendship. The storytelling of Dickens and Disney have long been told around our homes every year, but what story are we telling this year? Maybe Taylor has that keen magical insight we need to learn from, folklore. It’s time to unleash your magic, dear folk people.

Come join us in the magic>> Circle of Intuition

Blessed Be,


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Taylor Swift Bewitches Us With Folklore and Magic

This last week has all been about folklore, the latest and 8th studio album by Taylor Swift. I couldn’t have guessed she would choose this title for her exquisite collection of new lullabies. Though it’s absolute perfection for us during this global pandemic to bring us into a kingdom where folklore meets us in the cold dark shadows and guides us into the warm light with a hypnotic spell she casts from the magical seat of her piano. Story telling, folklore, and metaphors are my passion and maybe that’s part of why I’m drawn to her music. It speaks to my spirit.

Taylor introduces us to her world through a forest cabin we can only dream of. A cauldron by the hearth, a wicker broom stands next to her, with bare feet in a cotton nightgown. She plays her magical piano that opens a portal to a fairy realm with fantastic waterfalls, cool green moss, and ancient trees. She cast a spell and I happily surrender to this remarkable storytelling.

Taylor enters her magical piano portal

This lullaby is reminiscent of the night time stories we loved as small children. The magical story telling that made it easier for us to escape our fears of the dark and our worldly worries so we could drift of to sleep peacefully. Ancient folklore, mythology, and legends inspire us and comfort us. Which is exactly what we need during this global pandemic.

Taylor Swift in her fantastic realm called, cardigan.

The stories of our ancestors were historically told orally, memorized, and passed down to generations to come. We know the tales of heroic Thor, the siren song story of the little mermaid, and the never ending rabbit hole to wonderland. These tales taught us mystery, courage, and wisdom to carry us through countless battles with mystical beasts.

Taylor peeking into her magic piano stool to another world unknown

Sometimes the stories infiltrated our hearts with fright, but we battled those monsters of Grimm with battle axes and other incredulous weapons of war. These are the fables that plow into our souls to show us where our fears sit so we can unseat them and toss them into the abyss of flames to become ashes of our past. These adventures take us into cold places where we’re met with our own reflections. These opportunities to discover who we really are, what we’re really made of. Where we defeat dragons.

Taylor swimming to her life boat piano.

Folklore has traditionally been a vehicle for our learning. It’s been an avenue for growth. A highway for change. We’re given time to pause and reflect on our choices. Gifted storytelling rips at our souls, pulls weeds from hard ground, and cultivates moist rich soil for possibilities.

Taylor Swift saving herself with the magic of her music.

This oral tradition of stories weaves a pattern for survival whenever humans go through a collective chaos whether that be a pandemic, financial disruptions, or even mass deaths from war. Our heroes victories gain momentum and become legends for their sacrifice for the greater good. Where are the heroes today? This pandemic we’re staggering through has shown us the value and importance of our health care professionals. They’re our modern legends and their stories are being told to give us pause about our next steps out of our homes. When humans are faced with a global crisis we stand in solidarity with one another.

Taylor finding her comfort in her cardigan.

This album, folklore, arrived in our world right when we needed it. Millions of Swifties are tweeting about their uncontrollable crying while listening to this magical collection of lullabies. The perfect combination of instruments, the tone, the beats, and the lyrics to set the stage for our journey to safety. This sound healing that vibrates to our core and whispers, “Everything is going to be ok. We’ll get through this together.” Surviving a pandemic is new territory for us. Most of the world’s population has never experienced such a togetherness crisis before. The collective fear manufactures a hysteria in a way we’re not accustomed to. Humans scatter under a plunging wave like fish when a rock is hurled into their peaceful coral reef. Voices in leadership have been so divided. Families stuck at home sorting through their emotions alone. Depression, fear, agony. In the early days of America, Puritans experienced a similar fate. Would they, will we, die?

This stillness of folklore reminds us to go within, to be grounded again. To dig our heels into the earth and breathe deep. It’s perfectly acceptable to allow our minds to wander through this storytelling, it brings an escape..a healing. The queen of song writing offered our culture an opportunity to embrace the power of folklore to carry us through this storm. In 1964, The Beatles came to America and their music brought healing to an entire generation. Here we are, repeating history. We’ll be ok, we’ll get through this…together.

“Love you to the Moon and to Saturn, passed down like folk songs, the love lasts so long.” ~Taylor Swift

Magical blessings,


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Fortune Telling and Tarot are Prohibited?

There are still numerous cities throughout the country that prohibit fortune telling and Tarot reading. However, there are hidden gems of Readers who practice in hair salons, massage parlors, and even in some dive bars. When I first filed for my city business license I was asked to write down “no fortune telling” on my application. I thought that was odd because I was applying as a retailer of rocks and minerals. The clerk was insistent and implied it was necessary to get my license. I felt discriminated against. I searched the city laws and didn’t find anything dictating that a retail shop that sells crystals and candles had to write “no fortune telling” on their application. I didn’t even add fortune telling as a service. I never mentioned it at all.

I was a bit put off by that and I asked if pastors had to do the same since they do fortune telling too. She looked at me with a puzzle and furrowed brow. I continued on that pastors tell you that if you give 10% of your income to the church that God WILL give back to you. I reiterated THAT was fortune telling. She looked bewildered, but said pastors are protected by their non-profit.

I came home and started researching the history of fortune telling laws (especially in my city) and found all kinds of stories about naive people who were taken advantage of by ‘fortune tellers’ who were sucking their bank accounts dry with promises to connect them with a deceased loved one! Those aren’t fortune tellers, those are greedy people who prey on grieving people.

Now here’s where I’ll probably step on some toes, but I can’t just NOT say something that can help you protect yourself. Those who have departed and passed through the veil don’t need money to get back to visit you or to deliver messages to you. You also don’t need to hand over your money in order to hear someone say you’re about to come into a big lump sum of money. Do you see the pattern here? Money, money, money.

Your spiritual path is worth far more than any amount of money a Reader could possibly ask from you. You should protect your spiritual life from being tainted by getting caught up in empty promises in exchange for money.

Now as far as “Fortune telling” goes, not everyone who offers Tarot readings are predicting the future. Not all Readers are going to tell you about fortune being in your future. There’s far too many people (and government officials) out there that are quick to pass judgement on anyone who works with Tarot. Some city laws don’t accurately define fortune telling so it puts a lot of Readers in a bind and inhibits them from their natural rights and Constitutional freedom in their spiritual practice. The freedom of religion.

There are Readers who want to offer guidance and government officials who want to abolish them. It’s been quite a battle, but if we can educate the public we may be able to help diminish this ongoing issue a little at a time.

Working with Tarot is a spiritual practice and is a tool to help guide your intuition. I offer services to help you learn how to work with Tarot yourself and how to sharpen your intuition. It’s still enlightening to have someone else read cards for you, but the more you know the better equipped you’ll be before shelling out your hard earned dough. You can book an appointment with me here.

Magical Blessings,


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New Moon Intention Settings

February’s New Moon is on the horizon, making it’s approach to our skies on February 4th. I don’t know about you, but I wanna see manifesting in my life every month in 2019! Wouldn’t it be great to see your intentions actually materialize?

New Moon

When I’m working with the New Moon, I’m gathering herbs, candles, and crystals (along with some anointing ritual oils) to bring some spark to my craft. I just happen to believe that incorporating the elements into my spiritual practice makes all the difference.

One year when we were visiting Palm Springs I set some intentions to find something very specific for my practice. Whenever we arrive at one of our villas, I always set up a crystal grid and smudge. As I was meditating in our villa, I visualized a small round dish, made of clay. I pulled out some paper and anointed my pen and began writing down exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a small round clay dish, but I needed it to be made by a woman artist who was devoted to her craft. I included my budget, $5. My intuition began to flow as I visualized this little hand made treasure. I repeated the description out loud three times and explained exactly how I wanted to find it and where. At the very end of this intention setting I felt a further nudge from Spirit…. I drew a heart on the paper. I wrapped it into a small square and placed it in my purse.

Later that night, at the street fair…I found a pottery vendor…a female…an artist devoted to her craft…and a box of small clay treasures. I gently sorted through the box and found it! A small clay dish, hand made by a devoted female crafter…and as I turned it over, BEHOLD! I saw a small heart carved into the bottom. The heart is part of her signature.

I was so ecstatic about this spectacular manifestation that I called my husband over. I called the woman over and showed her my list! I explained about how I set my intentions and told her exactly what I was searching for and showed her the small clay treasure I found at HER booth! She was so excited and asked if she could have my intention paper. Of course!

It was such a magical night for both us us. The Universe gave us both the confirmation that magic is real. There really is power in the pen.

Sometimes I have very specific crystals I wanna work with, depending on what the intention is for. But I also have some crystals that are an all-around smart choice for anyone to work with, under the New Moon.

Crystals for New Moon Manifesting

When the moon is dark and the night is deep, I reach for Black Moonstone.

Black Moonstone

Black Moonstone is the premiere crystal to have take center stage on your New Moon altar. It’s symbolism is to empower you in all new things. This is the birth place of all new ideas and inspiration. I associate Black Moonstone with the Goddess, Morrigan. It’s secretive energy teaches us the mysteries of this ancient Goddess. As much as we all would love to say we work in all love and light, sometimes love requires the kind of strength The Morrigan can offer us. It can be dark, mysterious, and empowering. The energy we receive and manifest from working with Black Moonstone is the kind of energy that gives us the strength to be vocal leaders for equality for women.

Another magical treasure I sometimes work with under the New Moon is Labradorite, especially in sphere form.

Labradorite has been worked with by magic practitioners for support for the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras. It teaches us to allow our inner magic to be brought into the light to sparkle radiance in our lives. Labradorite has been partnered with healers to expand awareness of the heart and mind, develop psychic skills, and support for lucid dreaming. This makes Labradorite an astounding choice when setting intentions.

One last recommendation is to work with my Intuition Kit, curated to inspire your intuitive process.

Any time I work with magical intentions, I enlarge my borders to visualize what else I’m needing. When it comes to intuition, tunnel vision can severely limit our visionary journey. This is why I include several stones in this kit for you to work with. This kit is designed to help you connect with others (including spirit guides or angels) with an intuitive communication style.

After manifesting that scared little dish, I wished for all my loved ones to be able to manifest like that! We gather together in an intimate group on Facebook to seek wisdom, counsel, and guidance for our magical workings. I hope you’ll join us there and share your manifestation successes with us. *Mention this article when you join and get a special discount code for this upcoming New Moon.

Magical blessings,


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The Holiness of this Great Work

This great work that we do comes under scrutiny and criticism from extremists who think our paths are evil. Accusations that crystals are a tool of the devil. Do they forget the holy crystals in Aaron’s breastplate? Did they not notice how much God loves to smell frankincense on the burnt offerings? Did they miss the passages that teach to meditate and think on good things?

I know they forgot the Goddess, who is referred to by God as the Queen of Heaven. Why does the patriarchy seek to silence her followers and condemn healers who work to bring wholeness to the lives of others?

Many play around with crystals because it’s the latest thing to do but this work that we do is serious business. We diligently work to heal and revive our spirits in a world filled with abuse and heartache.

We aren’t just playing with tarot like it’s a mundane deck of cards. We’re searching our psyche and soul for pockets of pain that needs a salve, for corners of dark secrets that need the light. 

This isn’t an easy fix, this broken humanity with many flaws. We hurt, we break. But we do the work to get back on our feet. 

Whispering the name of a holy man won’t make all our troubles disappear. We still have a work to do. And we take our work seriously.

We own up to our errors and ask no entity to take the blame. We make amends and offer restitution to those we wronged. 

There’s nothing evil about sage  when smudging helps to center us. It’s an aroma of holy ancestry that calls us to look inward and find our balance. 

As with other paths, we have symbols to remind us to be kind. Magical unicorns that sparkle beckon us to draw upon our compassion and generosity. But we’re condemned again for the magical unicorn. There’s also the tree of life that calls us to make personal sacrifices to accommodate our children’s needs. 

There is a profound darkness that does entice us, it calls to our egos.

“This is absolutely right and that is absolutely wrong. This path is the only true path, all other paths are evil.” 

It bellows it’s dogma dusted in sugar. It’s sweet but toxic ideals make us wanna be on the right side of a war, but we don’t have to engage in that battleground. We don’t have to climb into the warship that’s headed for calamity. King Solomon once stated that where there is no wood, the fire goes out. He also rightly explained that a proud heart is followed by a great fall. 

The ego, that pride of thinking we have the only way, drips with poison. And yet it’s bitter stream sparkles with a fraudulent halo. 

This great work we do, to find our balance,  takes committed effort. This path requires humility and strength to own up. It’s not an easy passage to travel, but we go forward knowing we take responsibility for our choices and for the steps we take.

Be encouraged, dear ones. Your work is your own. Blessed be.

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Healing Darkness

There’s nothing quite like catching the sparkle of the sunlight in a quartz sphere or generator that shows off its rainbow splash of color. My eyes dance a little jig every time I see them. I feel the same way whenever I see the flashes of gold or blue in a Labradorite specimen or carving. I’m deeply amazed at the beauty Mother Earth contains in her dark caverns. Surely these magnificent pieces of earth were meant to meet the sunlight!

Darkness is often associated with evil, but so much beauty comes from within the darkness. Even the life story of the Lotus flower teaches us this. There’s something magical about coming into the light. When we hold pain in bondage to the darkest places of our hearts it can grow into a powerful force that we so often can’t handle on our own. One day we may eventually get hammered in just the right spot and when that pain emerges it brings with it a manifestation that can harm those closest to us. Even miners know they must be very careful when they are hammering and chiseling away at the matrix because debris can fall and cause injury or even death. Every move they make to discover the next gorgeous treasure from the earth must be done with caution and wisdom.

When we’re dealing with pain or trauma, we need to approach our hearts, minds, and emotions with gentle care. It’s often helpful to meet with a therapist and ask them to guide us to healing. They are trained to know when to stop and when to pay attention to the things we say and the emotions we show.

In addition to a therapist, it’s crucial we have a spiritual guide or mentor who can intuitively enlighten us about trust, growth, and healing. I have my own personal experiences with counselors and spiritual guides. When a spiritual guide has some counseling experience, they can be quite a valuable partner in our journey. I’ve also seen and experienced the dark side of the ‘healing’ community when a leader boasts of counseling experience but their advice didn’t reflect. There are numerous people in the world who claim to be healers and leaders, but the manifestation of their words and behaviors tell a sordid story. We often don’t even realize how shady they are until we’re in the center of their perfect storm.

In my personal practice, I spend time in personal reflection just breathing steady. I close my eyes and my mind to the chaos of the world around me and just listen to my intuition. I have partnered with Peacock Ore and Labradorite to inspire my Third Eye to relax and allow me to align with my inner core. Our bodies hold a lot of wisdom and we can benefit from it if we learn to listen. Once we arrive at that place of knowing we can invite those issues into the light for healing.

Feelings of fear, pain, and even anger may arise out of the darkness. These feelings give power to those emotions and we need to learn how to face them in ways that can empower us to break free. I will often work with rose quartz to lend its gentle loving vibrations and comfort to my soul. As much as I can partner with various crystals for my healing journey, the trust we experience with those who love us can carry quite a powerful wave of renewal for us. Those who truly love us and have proven to be trustworthy are like a stunning and clear quartz. They vibrate at a higher level of consciousness to support us in our journey.

Though we tend to shy away from our darkness, we can learn so much from those shadowy places. We can become empowered, enlightened, and healed. Trust in yourself and fear not.


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When Spiritual Leadership and Money Get Under the Same Covers

If there’s one thing I know all too well, it’s when a spiritual leader gets seduced by greed. Many years consoling victims of spiritual abuse has given me way too much experience by witnessing how people are destroyed when a leader is weak. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with earning a living, but when the mega leaders are buying mansions, exotic cars, and taking trips around the world we begin to suspect foul play. Not just because they’re living it up (because enjoying life is a good thing), but because their offerings to their loyal followers are beyond fair market value and staff is under paid. I’ve seen it all too much in religious communities and we see it in the meta community also.

Money can seduce even the greatest of leaders, no matter how humble we try to be. There are numerous magical practitioners and artisans who offer us their best intentions with their wares and tools for our spiritual journey, but a spiritual leader who can keep greed in check is hard to come by. Money is there to serve us, not to control us. Likewise, we have an ethical responsibility to live sustainably with our earnings.

Answering the call to be a spiritual leader comes with great sacrifice. Humility has the greatest value, but it becomes a struggle for the throne when greed slithers in. There’s a story you may have heard about a man who was called to be a spiritual guide and he began to look down his nose at the people he was called to serve. A great storm came upon him as he traveled by boat and the shipmates threw him to the storm and sea and he sank under the great depth in the belly of a big fish. It was there in his dying moments that he gave the greatest sacrifice one can give, a spiritual sacrifice. In the darkest of moments he gave thanks. Gratitude is the most magical element we have and it comes with incredible humility. It’s our giving of thanks through a truly humble heart that we find our deliverance.

However, after he was delivered from the mighty ocean he continue to ‘do his job’ with a condescending spirit. You see, gratitude requires spiritual sustainability in order to flourish in ways beyond where our own vision can take us.

Lets get back to the most basic lessons of our spiritual calling. Why are we serving, who are we serving, and how can we make their journey successful?

If we’re absorbing their banks accounts to live in obscene wealth while they suffer financially so they can buy all the latest abundance magic tools we have to offer then we are so off balance that even Justice herself takes notice. I’ve wondered if Karma serves our Lady Justice in order to bring balance back to the lives of the people who suffer.

How can we best serve others so they may enjoy the benefits we have to offer? The benefits of magical living is not only for us. We’re here to guide others to create abundance and blessings in their lives too. How can we teach them to fish when the rod, hooks, lure, and bait are so expensive that they can’t afford to fish?

There’s a lesson we need to get centered with if we hope to continue to serve from a place of humility so our intentions can manifest in ways that benefit the highest good of all.

Magical blessings,


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What Happened to The Power of the Divine Feminine?

In a land far far away…. there was a Divine Feminine and she was worshiped by so many followers that a patriarchy religion had to go to war to stop them from adoring her. People of faith were slaughtered, including women and children, all at the commands of men claiming their God instructed them to do so. All in his name. Government and Religion joined dirty hands and entered their tainted marriage bed to seek out and destroy evidence of the Goddess.

Now we see her voice calling out to the victims, “Speak out my dear ladies”. It’s high time to let the Divine Feminine voice be heard. No more sexual abuse. No more children victimized. No more women being manipulated by ‘powerful men’. If they knew true power they would use it to keep their peckers in their pants.

I wish I could prescribe specific crystals to protect against these kinds of physical abuses. It would be great if magic was ‘just like in the movies’ and all we had to do was whisper, “Obliviate!” with a flick of a wrist and a little stick. If we could, maybe they wouldn’t be so willing to show their little sticks.

But here’s what we can do, we can speak up. We can go deep within our hearts and minds and pull out our own powerful voices. That voice is empowered by the Goddess herself. She offers ancient wisdom and invites us to be intelligent, well-spoken, and powerful.

It seems just so perfect that the Wonder Woman film was finally made, after decades of discussion. Her film launched the year that we saw our National Women’s March, in 2017. Gal Gadot is a vocal advocate and joined a collective voice of women to move an abusive man out of the production of her next Wonder Woman film. This was also the year Taylor Swift won her $1 symbolic lawsuit against a DJ who groped her at a meet n’ greet with the female power-star.

I may not be the a royal Songstress like Taylor or a highly sought after super heroine like Gal, but I can use my keyboard and my voice to encourage our sisters to stand tall and keep moving forward. The Goddess is with us. She embodies all that we are and who we are. We finally live in a time where cameras can see us and hear our collective voices. It doesn’t matter which Deity you love and admire. Some believe in a masculine God who partners equally with followers of the Goddess. Followers of this God have joined us in chorus to demand a safer world. We stand tall, hand in hand, moving forward in this battlefield for freedom and safety.

It has been wisely stated, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” ~Abraham Lincoln

We must continue to speak out and support one another. We aren’t alone and we need to convey to the next generation that they aren’t alone either. It’s time to train these wee ones and prepare them for the battle ahead of them.




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The Masters Degree of Fate

After diving deep into a strict, hell-fire damnation, religion and being stripped of everything that was me, leaving was another stripping away. It was like tumbling down a steep mountainside covered in sharp rocks and cacti. All that I thought was my flesh was being ripped from my frame, leaving me raw. Bleeding. I was told the blood would be healing. Maybe they were right after all.

I didn’t need to be washed in someone else’s blood. It was my blood that I needed. I ran a race that wasn’t even mine to run. All of the marks of a cult became my field of study, my discipline. I know their ways inside and out. My passion transformed into a deep desire to know myself. To understand my human psyche. Why do my emotions, my mind, and my soul intertwine?

Why do we crave religion, rites, and rituals? Whether it’s an organized religion with ancient roots or the hard fast rituals of the NFL, we crave it. We want to belong, to have community. But at what cost?

The criticism and skepticism of faith, mysticism, and metaphysicalism. Anything that isn’t tangible is called into question. The crowd becomes a mob with torches.

“They’re burning all the witches, even if you aren’t one.” ~Taylor Swift

Where does reality end and belief begin? Can’t they coexist? Can we waltz together smoothly? Maybe the dance steps resemble a fun foxtrot or a sexy tango. For some it may be more of a belly dance.

This ballet of belief carries a self discipline that might be considered a science, but the art of spirituality is where we can be free to express ourselves in ways that can’t be defined by the neat and tightly constructed boxes of science. Thus we’re considered a field of pseudoscience.

We’re accused of heresy, fiction, and of being gullible.

The battle lines have been drawn and we’re told it’s all black and white. You’re either scientific or you’re not.

But I ditched that mentality when I left the cult of religion. That black and white/this is right and that is not, sin and holy facade and I have no desire to go back. I refuse to become a pillar of salt.

The religious community and the science community are ever at odds with one another and I will take no part in it.

Just because my faith, hope, and beliefs can’t be measured by science doesn’t make them invalid.

We can’t scientifically prove love, but the majority of the world still believes in it.

Because we experience love.

I concede, there are con artists who take advantage of people who are experiencing their spirituality. There are fleecers in religion that make your blood boil. There’s a con around every corner so how can we make sure we aren’t duped while pursuing our spiritual enlightenment?

I’ve found my way through the smoke and mirrors. I’ve mastered my own labyrinth.

There’s no reason to get lost in a maze of hay with monsters cloaking in the fog and shadows.

Spirituality can utilize the earth’s elements to become your art form. It’s your method of expressing your path. You create your own gallery of experiences. Find your discipline and use science as a framework. These tools offered here can be worked with to paint the joy of your journey, to sort out your hardships, to cleanse away the doubt and fears.

Discover who you are and equip yourself to become the master of your own fate.

Master of my own fate,





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Revive the Legends

The era of darkness when religions, traditions, and culture suffered a holocaust at the hands of a government, sponsored by one religion, was one we must never forget.

“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” ~George Santayana
The formative years of America certainly held ‘group think’ as a method of survival and control and most likely based on fear. However, the founding fathers were visionaries in their composition of the Constitution. Evolving thought and belief was very difficult in that era of survival and expansion in this new world. Even Benjamin Franklin had to write under a pseudonym to disseminate his profound wisdom to the people.
Those primitive years of American history were undoubtedly fraught with fearmongering in order to keep control. Those with twisted ideas of ambition sought to keep a firm hand on this new world for their benefit. The sacred principle of ‘freedom of religion’ held a powerful vision for the future when we could find ourselves living in a country that fights for the people’s right to hold their own beliefs and spiritual practices, independent from group think.
My soul hears the cries of those in states where this sacred principle is not upheld as well as it is in other states. Many pagans are walking on eggshells in their work places, their schools, and neighborhoods because they fear losing their job and being discriminated against. They’re deeply concerned for the safety of their children while they’re at school. Making waves in school can disrupt a child’s social acceptance and lead them to suffer depression under the tyrant bullies of their hallways.
For those of us who live in cities where we can live out loud without those fears may find ourselves enjoying the privilege of a society who honors freedom of religion. What will we do with that kind of privilege?
Living out our freedom is a key to supporting those who can’t. If we remain in hiding, we weaken our future abilities (and theirs) to truly benefit from this passionately sacred principle, Freedom of Religion.
We have an American and spiritual duty to raise awareness about lesser known spiritual paths. The Constitution protects the freedoms of minorities from being overtaken by the majority. How do you know if you’re a minority?
 Louis Wirth, a Sociologist, defined a minority group as;
“a group of people who, because of their physical or cultural characteristics, are singled out from the others in the society in which they live for differential and unequal treatment, and who therefore regard themselves as objects of collective discrimination”.
Yet we need further clarification on this because any group can claim to be in the minority based on that definition alone.
The dictionary defines minority as;
“the smaller number or part, especially a number that is less than half the whole number.”
I’m certainly not intending to be political with this post, rather my hope is to send energy of support to our spiritual community that holds a daily concern for their safety and their rights as equal citizens regardless of their spiritual beliefs.
The pagan umbrella covers a wide array of spiritual beliefs and practices. Unfortunately, many spend too much time bickering about what constitutes a witch or a pagan, who is a real witch or not, and whose ethics are more morally sound than the next. But isn’t this exactly what the world’s majority religions are constantly doing? Uniting together for our freedom doesn’t require that we hold the same beliefs as a group, but it should require that we all hold our freedom as sacred.
While we each have our own heroes and deities, reviving those legends can help raise awareness about our historical culture and heritage. Our ancestors were stripped of theirs and we can do so much more to honor the suffering they endured.
How do you know what your ancestral heritage and culture was?
You can start by getting a DNA test done and conduct a name search of your last name. Dig into that regions history to discover what was held as sacred during your ancestor’s time, prior to the forceful religion’s arrival there.
You can also investigate who their deities were and what their stories consisted of. What lessons were being taught to the people through those stories?
Once you discover those fascinating details, begin studying what life was like for them. What kind of clothing did they wear? What were their spiritual practices? Who were the medicine people? What plants, herbs, and minerals were available to them?
As much fun as the films depicting those heroes are, they rarely tell the true stories in an accurate way. We know Themyscira is a fictional location, but the Amazonian women held sacred beliefs in Greek deities. Marvel’s Thor is inspired by the Norse religion, but he didn’t pair up with an Earthling that resembled Natalie Portman, he was actually married to Sif, a goddess of the earth with flowing gold hair.
The stories are filled with hints of what life and society may have been like for our ancestors. It’s a captivating journey!
Reviving the Legends,