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Witches Celebrate Mabon Because This is How They Conjure the Most Powerful Magic

Of all the enticing elements of witchcraft, the one thing curious folks always ask is how to conjure powerful magic. Mabon is the second of the three harvest festivals celebrated by pagans and witches alike. This treat filled holy day offers the blessings (and magic) of apples, gathering with loved ones, and the opportunity to collectively harness one of the most powerful aspects of witchcraft…gratitude. I know.. you probably thought I was going to tell you some hidden sequence of words that would instantly grant you access to all the powers of the universe. Well, I actually did just that. Gratitude is one of the most impressive methods of magic anyone can learn.

I’m not talking about your basic “Thank you”. Expressing gratitude should never be reduced to a tiny ‘thx’ in your text window. These abbreviated versions of thanksgiving are casual ways of expressing a surface layer of magic that seldom results in the kind of manifestation we long for. I’m not dismissing the quick responses we give each other, but there’s impressive truth to be told in how we express gratitude.

Mabon has long been held as a festival of thanks giving. Long before the early travelers came upon the eastern shores of what we now call America, people knew the ancient art of gratitude. Our rushed society of instant gratification has nearly lost it’s spark and the art of true manifestation is fizzling out faster than the sands of time. You don’t want to be that one witch trying to work her magic at the eleventh hour.

While Americans look forward to November’s fourth Thursday to sample Grandma’s apple pie and Aunt Betty’s green bean casserole, Witches take deep internal inventory during Mabon. On the surface, we taste the exquisite flaky buttery crust that social gatherings offer us. We decorate with orange pumpkins, crunchy brown leaves, and maroon vines entangle the candlesticks on the table. We craft spells together and bake cornbread mandalas. We anticipate the aromas of harvest and laugh with children crunching on caramel coated apples. The happiness this holy day gives us can’t hold a candle to the joy the deeper magic can bestow upon us. Gratitude is a profound mystery hidden beneath the mantel of our core.

Crystals for Prosperity and Abundance

Working with the magic of gratitude is a significant discipline that requires an earnest level of humility. Mabon isn’t just about feasting on the fruits of our labor. It’s a diligent observance of all the details that yield the magnificent cornucopia of desire. When your truest desires manifest, you unleash untapped power from within.

Mabon isn’t the only season to conjure this magic. You can do so any time of the year. Mabon just happens to be a designated season where we polish and refine our practice. Join us in our Circle of Intuition as we delve deeper this month into the artistry of gratitude. We begin observing Mabon on September 21st and the celebration continues until September 29th.

Season’s Blessings,


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Don’t let TV Evangelists Ruin your Prosperity Magic

Manifesting prosperity can be a controversial topic as numerous mega church leaders preach about prosperity all while prompting followers for donations and enjoying a lavish lifestyle. How do we, as spiritual leaders, offer guidance about prosperity without falling into the same mega trap? Don’t let TV evangelists ruin your prosperity magic.

I’ve been there, sitting in the pew and stuffing envelopes with what little money we had at the time, living in a tiny trailer and the preacher lived in a substantial sized home on a large piece of property in the country just outside the city limits. Someone sure was manifesting prosperity, but it sure wasn’t me.

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

After leaving we found our earth based spiritual path and got caught up in a ‘pagan’-ish new-agey group, but again we kept hearing messages about prosperity coupled with advertising at the end of ritual. As a business owner I understanding marketing. Advertising is the bread and butter of a business, but not coupled with ritual. Ritual is sacred. The sacred moments of our spiritual journey work should not be entangled with live commercials before dismissing everyone with ‘namaste’.

Most prosperity teachings I’ve seen in the New Age community are centered around money. Not to say manifesting money is bad, but prosperity is SO MUCH MORE than just money.

The etymology of the word ‘prosper’ is rooted in Old Latin as pro spere, ‘according to one’s expectation, one’s hope’ and sped meaning speed. To prosper is about hope and our world needs a lot of it! We have forsaken the true meaning of prosper and chased after materialism.

Some of the world’s wealthiest people testify that money is nothing if you don’t have someone to live life with and to achieve your hopes together with. It all boils down to this… what are you hoping for?

Are we hoping to stuff the empty spaces of our hearts with material items? Mundane items won’t fulfill the heart nor heal our wounds, but allow me to share with you a little secret. When we hope to prosper in the heart, we will manifest a life of hope and prosperity. Hope comes first and prosperity comes last. However, there’s an in between space that holds the key to it all, belief. Some would say faith. We hope, then believe, then manifest.

That’s the order of things in the universe. When we work in the order the universe has set up for us we can achieve speedily and efficiently.

When we plan our intentions and set them loose in the world we need to work with the order of the universe. Look inward and make sure you’re in alignment with your best self. When we heal inwardly we hold more power to manifest outwardly.

Once we’re in alignment we can begin setting our intentions. There’s numerous creative ways to do this. One simple way I like to set intentions is with pen and paper. I always say there’s power in the pen. Not that the actual pen holds the power, it’s actually in us as we write with the pen. I have a free class in our group if you’d like to learn, just join our Circle of Intuition and look through the past events.

Another way to set intentions is with an intention jar. We made intention jars at our Mabon event. Everyone started with a small empty jar. You can use an old baby food jar, a jam jar, or spice jar. You can also get cute little jars at craft supply stores in a variety of shapes. Choose one that suits you.

We then layered in herbs, spices, salts, crystals, and you can use an oil to anoint the top rim of the jar just before adding your cork. Work with ingredients that correspond with the intentions you’re setting. Chant your intentions into the jar with each ingredient. For example: “With this lavender I set my intentions for healing and serenity.”

Once you’re done place the cork on and drip melting wax to seal the cork to the jar. You can also wrap a color string or ribbon around the neck and add charms if you’d like. Here is a list of recommended ingredients for prosperity work.

Cinquefoil. Cinquefoil is a five petaled flower with five leaves. The number of petals and leaves represents love, money, health, power, and wisdom. Each of these traits balance one another.

Bay Leaf. Bay leaves are perfect for setting intentions as they are large enough to write on them. You can write one word or a sigil of whatever you’re intending to manifest. You can either place the leaf in the jar or burn it first and add the ash. I recommend you use a food coloring pen.

Cinnamon. I like cinnamon because it works well for prosperity and for protection. You can add a small cinnamon stick or a layer of ground cinnamon. I’ve written about the magic of cinnamon right here.

Chamomile. Chamomile is known for welcoming in abundance. For further information about how abundance works see the categories list to the right of this post. Dried chamomile flower buds can be purchased at most health food stores in their bulk tea section or you can order them online from an organic supplier.

Cloves. For this kind of intentional work I prefer to work with whole cloves rather than ground. Cloves are known for luck, love, and protection. Layer your cloves into the jar.

Himalayan Salt. I like to add healing salt because it’s also very cleansing and can help keep our motives pure so we can avoid distractions from our ultimate goal.

Basil Essential Oil. When I anoint the rim of my jar I like to work with Basil Essential Oil. Make sure you’re working with an unadulterated essential oil for best manifestation results. Avoid using fragrance oils as they usually contain ingredients that aren’t cohesive with intentional work.

Citrine. Add a Citrine chip stone or small tumbled Citrine for added crystal magic. Citrine is widely known for prosperity and success.

Green Aventurine. Green Aventurine is known for inviting in money. You can either add it inside the jar or adhere it to the top of the cork.

Honey Calcite. I like to work with Honey Calcite to make sure I keep a sweet spirit in all my magical work. It also represent the hard work of a busy worker bee and all our manifestation work requires diligent hard work.

Unicorn Dust. You can use food grade glitter in the color associated with your intention. It’s always fun to add a bit of sparkle.

I hope your intentional work always brings the very best for you. While TV (and youtubers) leave a bad taste in our mouths about how they work with prosperity, we will rise above it . We have a great work to do while we pass on wisdom that will span far beyond the generations.

Magical blessings,


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Abundance Principles- Honesty

Honesty: Creating a lifestyle of abundance requires us to be honest. First with ourselves, then with others. Who are we at our core? When you’re honest with yourself it becomes easier to co-create with the universe so you can have a life of abundance.

Most people consider themselves honest. On the surface we mostly think of whether or not we habitually lie to others. Are we always honest with people? Have you ever skipped work by saying you were sick when you really went to a sporting event or concert? Have you ever done something but denied you did that deed? These are surface lies we tend to think about, but lets open that door a little further.

The most important part of honesty is with ourselves. Diving into this topic isn’t one that many people think about, but makes a great self-reflection practice. Ask yourself these questions..

Am I honest with myself?

Honest about what?

Our human condition usually understand this question better…

What lie do I tell myself the most?

I suspect this is an easier question because it works on the negative side and our society consistently lies to us about who we are. Then we tell ourselves those same lies. Then we believe the lies. Hence we aren’t honest with ourselves. We’re killing ourselves with this toxic form of communicating.

  • I’m ugly.
  • I’m not very smart.
  • I can’t communicate well.
  • I’m an awful person.
  • I’m not thin enough.

Now that you see where I’m going with this, lets ask the question again.

Am I honest with myself?

Well, what would the opposite of those lies be?

  • I look my best when I smile and it makes me feel better too.
  • My greatest skill is understanding technology. I help my parents with their smart phones and entertainment systems.
  • I’m very good at writing down my thoughts. Writing helps me communicate better.
  • I genuinely love to help the elderly at the store. They show appreciation for my kind gestures.
  • I look great in blue! It’s my best color.

It’s easier to sink into the negative abyss. It’s harder work to think honestly, but hard work manifests abundance!

When you smile throughout the day you attract people to yourself. It’s easier to make friends with a smile than with a frown. Making new friends happens in the abundance field. All of the things you could be honest with yourself about will manifest in the abundance field. That’s where we should be living. You can work with Lapis Lazuli while you develop your truth, that honest voice within you.

Now tell me, what honest things have you been telling yourself? What honest things are you going to work on communicating to yourself and to the world around you?

Comments are always open.

Magical blessings,

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Abundance Principles- Allow

Allow: Resisting change is limiting the flow of our personal power. Even Grandmother Trees show us how beautiful change can be. Imagine if she resisted her leaves from their beautiful transition. There’s wisdom to be found among her branches.

This season of Fall reminds us that not everything in life is meant to serve us or benefit us forever. Just as the leaves shed their leaves, we also need to consider what needs to be let go of. In order for us to live abundantly, we need to be willing to release what is weighing us down so we can make room for abundance to make its way into our lives.

When we work with this principle, allow, I’m not saying to let chaotic energy to have it’s way. What I am saying is to allow yourself to see, sense, and feel what’s happening. It’s like spider sense. You’re sensing something for a reason.

Listen, feel, breathe.

  • What’s the lesson?
  • Is there a message?

Try working with the Tarot to see if the cards can reveal some insight to you. I’m working with clients to help them learn how to receive through the Tarot (and Oracle cards), you can schedule an appointment here. Don’t be afraid to allow. Just learn how to navigate it.

Magical blessings,


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Abundance Principles- Intention

Intention: When we’re planting seeds for a specific outcome, we plant with intention. We plant with care, consideration, and purpose. Scattering seeds in the wind has very little opportunity for manifestation. Are you ready for the next New Moon? That’s the time to make some definitive intentions.

Here are a few tips to setting your intentions:

Use the magic of your scripting hand by writing your intentions down on paper.

Be careful what you wish for.

May your intentions be for the highest good of all.

Plan your intentions with gratitude.

I taught a class on the Power of the Pen to bring greater understanding to working with intention. You can still view the free class in our Facebook group, The Circle of Intuition. Answer the group entry questions for immediate inclusion to the group. Then search the group for Power of the Pen.

The New Moons this year can be found here: Moon Phases 2020.

You can customize your New Moon magic by working with the attributes of the sign it happens to be in each month. Look up your next New Moon sign here: MoonCalendar Astro Seek.

Each zodiac sign has different attributes and correspondences to layer your magical intentions into your workings. You can work with the Herbs of your Zodiac , New Moon Crystals, or even your Zodiac Crystals. You can find them here:













To further your Intentional magic, be sure to search for your crystals by intention. Click on the intentions below.

Happy Magical Workings!

Magical blessings,


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Abundance Principles- Self Reflection

Self Reflection: I would venture to say most people do not practice self-reflection. Looking inward is often met with fear and resistance and these are limiting to our personal growth and development. We want to create sacred space where abundance can thrive, but we need to look inward and be able to recognize the areas that need our healing attention.

Let me ease your fearsĀ and resistance to practicing self reflection. When you look within, Source is going to guide you to what you can safely handle, yet enough to challenge you to make steps toward change. Because once you make a change, no matter how small, it’s going to be significant enough to start a chain reaction of changes to lead you to total transformation.

Here are some crystals to support you in your transformation journey:

Peacock Ore: Peacock Ore, is gloriously splashed with metallic colors. It is said to be supportive of anyone who is working inwardly to make positive changes in their lives.

Moldavite: It’s no wonder Moldavite is a crystal well sought after, it’s formed from a meteorite that hit the earth and created this very unique piece of magic. Can we harness its power to transform ourselves in such a treasured manner as it transformed bits of earth?

Amethyst: In Greek, Amethyst means “not intoxicated” and is often the crystal people turn to when they want a positive change in life. It’s perfect for those in recovery from addiction.

Using these three crystals together is a powerhouse trio for ultimate transformation.

Magical blessings,


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Abundance Principles- Planting Seeds

We’re often thinking of how we can plant seeds in the lives of others, but how often do we think of doing the same for ourselves? Planting seeds is an intentional practice of abundance. There’s a vast metaphor within this lesson that will span a few more Abundance Principles and I want to make sure you benefit from this. In order for us to effectively plant seeds for others, we need to first be our own Master Gardener.

What seeds have you planted in your own garden? If you want your kids to accept who they are, you first must accept who you are. If you want your family to be loving, that starts with you exemplifying love. Want your kids to share, but do you share? This principle goes hand in hand with the previous one principle, self reflection. What seeds are you planting in yourself? Are you being kind to yourself? Loving? Brave?

What seeds can you plant today?

Magical blessings,


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Abundance Principles-Giving

The art of giving- When you want to create abundance you need to think in terms of giving.

This isn’t about giving money or lavish gifts (though any giving is good) it’s about digging deep into your soul. Does the gift speak to the soul? Is there a meaningful memory involved in the gift or perhaps a tool to assist the receiver with their life long dreams? Let your giving touch the soul.

Some of our family members had birthdays during the isolation orders of COVID19. We had to improvise and get really creative to make birthdays special and memorable. For one of our girls, she wanted go to the zoo. So we brought the “zoo” to her. We printed pictures of animals and colored them. We created a sign with the letters of her name designed with animal prints. We even set up all the computers, tablets, and even the tv with live web cams from the zoo. 

For my birthday they decided to bring the Universe to me. The whole house was decorated with flashy star decorations, the planets, and they even played the theme music from Disneyland’s Space Mountain. One of my girls said, “I remember you telling us that when you were little you wanted to be the first woman on the moon. So we brought the Universe to you.” *I cried*

We have 3 more birthdays coming up between now and the end of June. Then one more in July. Being creative and touching the spirit brings so much value and love to others. 

Now we’re creating succulent planters for some seniors who have been isolating for two months. Giving doesn’t have to be extravagant, monetarily. But lets be extravagant with how much love we give.

Join us in our Facebook group to learn more about how to give in ways that manifest for you and for those you give to.

Magical blessings,