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Making Magic Affordable

I wish to confess something to all of you. This isn’t something that a lot of people like to admit, but sometimes it’s perfectly acceptable to admit when your budget is tight. I didn’t have a lot of money to spend when I first got started in my practice. I saw women in magical groups bragging about their crystal hauls from various popular websites and I would sulk in my seat and scroll passed post after post of glamorous and gorgeous magical tools that I simply couldn’t afford.

sunstone tiles for attracting your desires

To be honest, I felt like an outsider in groups like that. So I remained a lurker, casually hitting the like button on posts I wish were my own. Then one day I saw a brave woman admit she couldn’t make room in her budget for crystals, incense, or anything else for her practice. She received so many supportive comments from women like her, like me! I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t charge hundreds of dollars for every order.

Working with magic doesn’t have a dollar requirement and I quickly learned how to cast my intentions with simple tools like herbs from my own kitchen or a shell and feather found at the beach. Yet, I knew I was destined to work with crystals! Now how could I make it work? I decided to go into business, that’s how. My heart still feels the emptiness pangs when I see women bragging in groups because I still see women who are on hard times and struggle just like I once did. The retail cost of crystals has been rising over the past few years, making it increasingly difficult for people to shop for crystals. It breaks my heart because every crystal sitting in a shop somewhere is longing for someone to partner with so they can manifest magic in the world together.

copper spheres for sending and receiving energy

I know deep in my heart that every crystal in my own shop is buzzing with energy for someone special. I want to make sure each and every one of them finds their forever home. That’s why I offer discount opportunities in all my social media platforms from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and on my website. But this will be the first time I’ve offered a special for those subscribed to my blog. When you subscribe to my blog, you’ll receive a one time discount code for 25% off your next purchase. In your Magical Update email you’ll want to read all the way to the bottom to find your code.

Now to get the most out of my offerings be sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and join my Facebook Group for additional discounts that are offered periodically throughout the year. I’m always looking for creative ways to make magical tools more affordable, including special giveaways on each of those platforms too. That little witch in all of us deserves to work with crystals in their practice.

Subscribe now!

May the Universe bless you richly!


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Making Magic at Home

I want to challenge you to work some magic in your bathrooms with some essential oils and crystals. It may seem like a mundane/muggle task but you can work your own unique magic with this. A few things I do to spruce up the bathrooms is to create a layer of magic with oils, herbs, and crystals.

rose quartz, rhodochrosite, amethyst, pink aura quartz, dried mini rose bud

Layering your magic among different kinds of elements adds additional energy to your magical workings. I layer magic in my candles by working with herbs/spices, oils and crystals. I love pulling all the elements together as much as possible.

Here are some simple, fun, and quick methods of adding magic to your bathrooms.

  1. I keep a small dish on the counter with a few crystals that speak to my heart about inner beauty and self kindness. Add dried floral petals or buds for herbal magic. Recommended crystals: rhodochrosite, rose quartz, pink aura quartz, aura rose quartz.
  2. Add a few drops of essential oil to the inner toilet paper tube before putting the roll on the dowel. Recommended: lemon, orange, or geranium
  3. Keep crystals in the corner nook of your tub so you can add them to your baths. Recommended: amethyst and rose quartz
  4. Make an aromatic spritz to use on counters and toilet tank lid after cleaning your bathroom. It helps eliminate the smell of the cleaners you use. (unless you’re using a hand made essential oil mixture to clean with). Recommended: lemon with rosemary (In a small spray bottle add witch hazel and your essential oils. Shake well before each use)

Which tip will you implement today?
Do you have other crystal or essential oil recommendations?

Magical blessings,


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The Magic of Tools and Why They Matter

There’s an influx of interest in creating magic in our current era and many are wanting to influence politics, attract love, and change the culture of their countries. Magic certainly is a powerful force and the attraction to it is understandable. Some might even say magic is a temptation.

There’s a lot you can do by working with magic and there are some guidelines, based in good philosophy and science, that everyone should learn before attempting to cast a spell or chant an incantation. However, I’m not going to tackle those topics in this article. What I do want to share with you is the practical truth. All the power you need is already within you.

Some practitioners work with everyday items to manifest magic. Some common tools you can use are a thimble, a vintage spoon, buttons, a cat whisker, or even a feather found outside. We have a group on FB where I teach about some of those simple tools that can pack a powerful punch. We can work with simple tools or we can use more elaborate tools like crystals, essential oils, and even fossils!

petrified wood for ancient wisdom

Now here’s why working with tools matter. When we pick up a tool with our own hands, we’re making a commitment with our intentions. Much like the commitment we make when we write something down, like signing a contract. Working with tools makes us more aware of what we’re putting out into the universe. Our tools should give us pause before enacting an enchantment, charm, or spell.

When we go to our chest or cabinet to retrieve a tool, we’re already setting our intentions in motion. We know which tools to select based on what we want to manifest. *Assuming you know what each tool offers.

Working with magic is an art form, just like working with a brush and paint to create a painting. Some artists work with metal to create jewelry. Some craftsmen(and women) work with clay to create pottery. Magical practitioners work with tools to artistically manifest their desires.

larimar and clear quartz

In the image above, I’ve created a crystal grid with a quartz generator at the center, quartz points, and Larimar hearts to manifest loving communication among family. The Larimar hearts are pointed inward to send their communication energy to the generator and the generator sends that energy out through it’s top and through the quartz points that are pointing outward. Making a crystal grid can be a spiritually therapeutic experience for the mind, body, and soul. When we set our intentions, work with our hands, handle tools, and create art with our magic we are sure to manifest the highest good of our intentions. (I firmly believe that even if we get some things ‘wrong’ that the universe can filter that stuff out and work with our best expectations and goals.)

My daughter, Monica, and I worked with crystals in 2018 to manifest rain for Northern California. The city of Paradise was swept away with fire and the smoke was so bad people were being hospitalized for smoke inhalation and 87 civilians died. Our intentions were that rain would visit the area and provide a cleansing of the air and offer help to extinguish the fires.

Notice the date on the post.

As we set up our grid, we worked with my rain stick and called upon the forces of Mother Nature to send rain to Northern California.

Eleven days later, heavy rain started to fall in the region, offering help to the fire fighters to contain the flames. Their area received so much rain that our friends in Butte County were messaging us to take down our grid because there so much rain that they were being flooded. Working your magic with tools IS powerful!

If you’re desiring to make changes in your life and see your magic manifest then be sure to join our group before the next lesson commences.

Magical blessings,


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Charmed Jack O’ Lantern

Carving pumpkins in October is a long held tradition among American children. You can get child safe pumpkin carving kits at most grocery stores, but sometimes the best tools are right in your own kitchen already. While most would consider pumpkin carving a muggle project, it’s actually quite enchanted, if you want it to be.

Be sure to choose a pumpkin with a strong stem

The history of carving pumpkins into jack o’ lanterns originated in Ireland, but instead of pumpkins they used turnips. Pumpkins certainly are a lot easier to carve and since they grow so large we can give them huge cheesy grins or ferociously frightening faces.

The intention of carving scary faces is to ward off evil spirits. Placing the candle inside illuminates the faces at night, but even the candle can be a charmed part of your magical squash.

I’ve been carving pumpkins since I was a kid, as most of you probably have. I’ve tried the safety carving kits from the stores but they don’t really work as efficiently as what I have in my own kitchen.


Nothing can take the place of a good sharp knife to remove the top. I found that removing the pulp from inside works best with a metal measuring cup. I have a set that has a thin edge so they scrape very well and since they’re metal they are far more sturdy than the plastic scoops that come in the kits.

Once you remove all the pulp and seeds you can draw lightly, on the best side of the pumpkin, with a pencil. I use a small pairing knife to make the initial cuts. If you cut slowly you should be able to remove the pieces without messing up the design. Smaller knives work better than large ones, unless your pumpkin is quite thick. That’s when we use a reciprocating saw like this one.

Once your entire design is done you can immerse your pumpkin in a dilution of bleach and water to prevent rot that attracts insects. It will help to repel gnats from attacking it in your yard. Let the pumpkin dry thoroughly!


Now you can begin your enchantment! You can work with a humor charm or a protection spell. Here are the supplies you’ll need for a protection spell.

Protection Spell

  • 1/4 cup ground cinnamon
  • 5 whole cloves
  • 1 bay leaf (write a word on the leaf with a marker that corresponds with the spell you’re casting)

I’m not going to give you any words for the spell as the best words are the ones that come from your own mind and spirit.

Directions: Sprinkle the cinnamon into the empty pumpkin and speak your words while sprinkling. With each clove you add, speak your words as they drop in. While adding the bay leaf, speak your words. Finalize your spell while speaking your final words over the pumpkin as you place the top on.

Now set your pumpkin on your porch or in your garden. At night, place a tea light candle (or 2 or 3) inside. I use tea light candles so the flame is low enough in the pumpkin to avoid burning the inside of the top. You can add even more magic by speaking more words over the candles as you light them. Even better would be to use tea light candles that are already infused with magical elements.

pumpkin tea light candles
infused with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and garnet

I hope your October festivities are well protected and filled with lots of fun and magic! Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain!

Magical blessings,


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Happy October!

It’s finally here, OCTOBER! My favorite time of year, next to Christmas of course. But nonetheless, THIS month is one of the funnest months of the whole year! Mornings are spent making an apple cinnamon concoction to heat on the stove and it permeates the whole house with the scents of FALL! Of all the seasons of the year, Fall is the best when it comes to scents.

Each of our favorite scents have magical correspondences too! How much more fun can this get? Below are some spices we use to liven up the ambiance of the home, along with their correspondences.

Cinnamon– abundance, prosperity

Ginger– energy, power

Clove– protection, purification

Nutmeg– comfort, calming

Pumpkin– wards off evil spirits

Apple– immortality, love

hang a cinnamon stick in your car for aromatic pleasure

The recipe I use for heating on the stove varies depending on which ingredients I have on hand, but here is my classic recipe to simmer each morning.

Autumn Simmer Potion


  • Apple slices from one apple (thinly sliced)
  • 1 c. water or apple cider
  • 3 Cloves
  • 1 stick or 1 tsp ground Cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp ground Nutmeg


Place the liquid and apples in a small sauce pan over medium heat and heat until steam is rising from the potion. Reduce flame to low.

Add cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Mix with wooden spoon just to combine and continue to heat on low. WATCH closely so the potion doesn’t evaporate.

To include some magic, speak your words/wishes over the pan as each ingredients is added. For ex: “As I sprinkle in this nutmeg, may the protection of the universe be upon this house.”

You can transfer the potion to a mug and walk through the house with it to add the magic to each room. Simply wave your hand over the cup, pushing the steam up and away from you as you bless your home and family.

May this recipe bring warmth and comfort to you and yours.

p.s. Please join us on Facebook in our group for more magical conversations.

Magical blessings,


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Mabon Crafting

We gathered for Mabon and had some fun crafting our magical intentions and feasting on delicious treats. There’s so much fun involved in the planning, cleaning, and preparing for having magical folk over for a night of manifesting together and gazing into sparkly crystals.

I love to share common holidays and celebrations with friends and gathering together is so vital in keeping a healthy perspective on life. Stress abounds in muggle life and magic shakes things up so we can breathe freer again.

A dear friend of mine shared a link with me, to a recipe for cornbread. (Thanks, Sandra!) But this wasn’t just any plain ol’ cornbread. It was a harvest cornbread decorated with nuts. But not just you’re average sprinkling of chopped nuts, this was a mandala design. I used a different recipe for the cornbread part, but still worked with the mandala idea for the design. My daughter, Monica, decorated it for us and I gave it a magical dusting of cinnamon and sugar.

Our friends gathered at the table where we had out our favorite herbs, resins, and dried flowers to create witchy jars. We talked about all the magical and medicinal properties of each ingredient and everyone created their own manifesting jars.

A little pinch of this and a sprinkle of that, along with all the good intentions and wishes. We corked the jars and melted wax to seal them. Some tied corresponding colored twine around them and either knotted them or tied bows. Some drew runes on the tops of their corks!

Some were layered perfectly while others were combined and shaken up. Everyone works their own magic in their own unique way. It’s all such wizardry fun! Then a little shopping while they were here. Everyone went home with something fun and sparkly!

Magical blessings,


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Mabon, the Celebration of Autumn

Today we honor our deities, ancestors, Mother Nature, and gather with magical loved ones as we dine together on this most festive day! Mabon, the celebration of Autumn, is upon us!

Mabon, the second of three harvest festivals, honors Morgan, Thor, Persephone, the Green Man, and more! Today we feast on apples, squash, root vegetables, and figs! Don’t forget the FIGS!

We bring in branches, leaves, acorns, and pine cones to decorate our home with and prepare ourselves for some ‘sweater weather’ fun with friends and loved ones.

photo source:

There’s many ways you can create your own unique celebration and there’s numerous ideas on Pinterest. We’re gathering with friends to have some fun by creating our very own magic jars to suit each person’s desires. Do you desire to manifest prosperity, create some protection magic, or attract peace for your family? We’re doing just that tonight as we gather ’round the table and share our lives with each other.

Mabon starts today, but continues through Sept 29th. You can observe Mabon on any day during this week that works best for your schedule.

Subscribe to my blog right now, as I will be sharing some recipes and crafts with you to enjoy. For now, swing on over to the Autumn Mabon Pinterest Board my daughter, Monica, and I put together for you. PLUS, I’m offering 20% off all your favorite regular priced treasures in my shop through Friday Sept 27th. Use code: Mabon20

Magical blessings and blessed Mabon!


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Lover Soundtrack According to Your Zodiac

Taylor Swift’s 7th album, Lover finally made it’s splash in the ocean of love August 23rd. The songs are lyrically spectacular and imaginative. I honestly can’t get enough of it.

There’s 18 songs in this collection, which is the first album for Taylor to own. Among these 18 songs, 12 of them align with each of the zodiac signs quite nicely.

Take a look below and let me know if these songs resonate with your sun signs.

Aries: Cruel Summer (Listen here). Cruel Summer aligns with Aries because Aries lovers fight hard and don’t wanna let go. The summer was cruel and the fight was on, but… I love you

“Killing me slow, out the window
I’m always waiting for you to be waiting below
Devils roll the dice, angels roll their eyes
What doesn’t kill me makes me want you more”

photo still shot from Bad Blood video

Taurus: Paper Rings (Listen here). Paper Rings aligns with Taurus lovers because while they like shiny things, they’d “marry you with paper rings”. Because love is so much more than monetary items.

“I like shiny things, but I’d marry you with paper rings
Uh huh, that’s right
Darling, you’re the one I want, and
I hate accidents except when we went from friends to this
Uh huh, that’s right
Darling, you’re the one I want, and
Paper rings and picture frames and dirty dreams
Oh, you’re the one I want”

Photo still shot from Look What You Made Me Do

Gemini: The Archer (Watch Here). While the archer is the symbol of Sagittarius, the message of being both the archer and the prey really resonates with Gemini, the two sides of love.

“I’ve been the archer, I’ve been the prey
Screaming, who could ever leave me, darling?
But who could stay?”

Taylor Swift- The Archer

Cancer: Soon You’ll Get Better (Listen here). Soon You’ll get Better is a song Taylor wrote for her mother, Andrea, as she battled cancer. Cancer is the one sign in the zodiac that focuses on family relationships and the earnest prayer Taylor sings for her mother shows the true nature of Cancer in our astrological universe.

“In doctor’s-office-lighting, I didn’t tell you I was scared That was the first time we were there Holy orange bottles, each night I pray to you Desperate people find faith, so now I pray to Jesus too”.

Honoree Taylor Swift (L) accepts the Milestone Award from Andrea Swift onstage during the 50th Academy Of Country Music Awards at AT&T Stadium on April 19, 2015 in Arlington, Texas. Photo source: Today

Leo: The Man (Listen here). Leos are always out in front, taking charge, and roaring for the world to hear right where they stand. This anthem preaches feminist truth to the patriarchy with the power of a Leo’s roar.

“They’d say I hustled
Put in the work
They wouldn’t shake their heads
And question how much of this I deserve
What I was wearing, if I was rude
Could all be separated from my good ideas and power moves
And we would toast to me or, let the players play
I’d be just like Leo, in Saint-Tropez “

Photo still from ‘ME!’

Virgo: Cornelia Street (Listen here). This lover declaration shows the nature of Virgo in that he/she loves so hard that if it didn’t work out they wouldn’t be able to face the nostalgic memories you created together.

“And I hope I never lose you, hope it never ends
I’d never walk Cornelia Street again
That’s the kinda heartbreak time could never mend
I’d never walk Cornelia Street again
And baby, I get mystified by how this city screams your name
And baby, I’m so terrified of if you ever walk away
I’d never walk Cornelia Street again”

Cornelia Roses

Libra: It’s Nice to have a Friend (Listen here). Libras are known for being good friends and they have the ability to get along with most people.

“Light pink sky, up on the roof
Sun sinks down, no curfew
20 questions, we tell the truth
You’ve been stressed out lately, yeah, me too “

Photo still shot from ‘You Need to Calm Down’

Scorpio: I Forgot That you Existed (Listen here). This song of indifference stings like a bee, or in this case a scorpion. They can be fierce as friends and lovers, but don’t cross them.

“I forgot that you existed
And I thought that it would kill me, but it didn’t
And it was so nice
So peaceful and quiet
I forgot that you existed
It isn’t love, it isn’t hate, it’s just indifference”.

Taylor Swift at Wango Tango

Sagittarius: False God (Listen here). While Sag is represented by an archer, the song False God aligns well since Sagittarius is known for being the hot sex partner. This seductive and jazzy piece meshes the lovers bed with the passion of worship.

“But we might just get away with it
Religion’s in your lips
Even if it’s a false god
We’d still worship
We might just get away with it
The altar is my hips
Even if it’s a false god
We’d still worship this love”.

Taylor Swift still shot from ‘Look What You Made Me Do’

Capricorn: You Need to Calm Down (Watch here). Capricorn is practical and humorous, even unleashing sarcasm while digging in.

“You are somebody that we don’t know
But you’re comin’ at my friends like a missile
Why are you mad when you could be GLAAD? (You could be GLAAD)
Sunshine on the street at the parade
But you would rather be in the dark ages
Makin’ that sign must’ve taken all night”

‘You Need to Calm Down’

Aquarius: Death by a Thousand Cuts (Listen here). If I say Aquarians are hard workers it would be an understatement. They are passionate and don’t let anything get in their way, but if something(or someone) does, it’s death by a thousand cuts.

“My heart, my hips, my body, my love
Tryna find a part of me that you didn’t touch
Gave up on me like I was a bad drug
Now I’m searching for signs in a haunted club
Our songs, our films, united we stand
Our country, guess it was a lawless land
Quiet my fears with the touch of your hand
Paper cut stings from our paper-thin plans
My time, my wine, my spirit, my trust
Tryna find a part of me you didn’t take up
Gave you so much, but it wasn’t enough
But I’ll be alright, it’s just a thousand cuts”

Taylor Swift still shot ‘Blank Space’

Pisces: Lover (Watch here). Pisces is the magic sign in the zodiac, full of hope for love. You won’t find them single for long, because they long for a lover.

“Ladies and gentlemen, will you please stand?
With every guitar string scar on my hand
I take this magnetic force of a man to be my lover
My heart’s been borrowed and yours has been blue
All’s well that ends well to end up with you”.

Lover House

Magical blessings,


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Did You See the Sparkle Announcement?

If you’ve been following me on social media platforms you may have seen it, but just in case you missed it I want to be sure you’re magically dusted with all the glittery, sparkly, and shiny offerings that have just launched.

I’ve got my dancin’ shoes on and jumping around the house today because I’ve just launched a new members benefit offering with three levels to choose from, and guess what? The first two are FREE!

All registered users are *automatically* at GLITTER level, getting 10% off all regular priced items in the shop. No coupons needed. Do you know why I did that? Because far too often customers forget the coupon codes so I added it in to make shopping easier for you.

Friends and Family are gold SPARKLES in my book and get an automatic 12% off regular priced items, get access to a virtual classroom with free downloads, and it’s FREE too. But ya gotta say you wanna be included. Ya gotta tell me you wanna save 12% and get free goodies.

The tribe feels the vibe in our SHINE level of membership. At an introductory rate of just $25 they get a WHOLE YEAR of 15% off regular priced items plus a slew of other content!

If you wanna get in on the action then be sure to click here to read all the details and how you can receive the best option for you!

Magical blessings,


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Women, Take Your Power Back

Today I woke up to trending news about Bella Thorne and Whoopi Goldberg. I had been a fan of Whoopi since I was a teen and became acquainted with Bella Thorne’s films since I have three daughters who have grown up in her era. As a mom, I gotta tell you, I tend to have a protective vibe over the girls my girls grew up watching on TV.

Now I’m raising my niece who is twelve years old, quickly approaching thirteen later next week! A theme she and I have been working through is ‘taking back your power’. In today’s techy era we also regularly discuss safety with technology. I’m kinda the odd mom out because I haven’t given her a phone, she doesn’t use a tablet, and doesn’t go on the computer UNLESS I’m with her. She gets to use my phone to text her friends, she gets to earn watching youtubers on my tablet, and can use a computer for school work. Yeah… I’m the big bad mean ‘mommy’.

But I see the other kids in social media, vaping, sending out inappropriate photos, saying mean girl things to the other kids they go to school with. That’s not the environment I want for my niece. So I set up boundaries and safe guards. It’s not a perfect system by any means, but I’m trying to teach her some wisdom and guide her in creating smart boundaries for herself. Someday she will have a phone, a tablet, and unfettered access to the internet. For now, I’m teaching her how to own her power and in the event that she loses it from time to time, how to take it back.

So here I sit with my sage and black tourmaline today, thinking about Bella and all the others like her. It wasn’t too long ago that Jennifer Lawrence dealt with the same issue. What do we learn from what these women have been through? Initially, we might learn to keep tighter restrictions on our devices and maybe we don’t store photos for a long time. Maybe we learn how hackers do what they do so we can better protect ourselves. But more than that we learn how NOT to respond when our fellow females are victimized. The lesson I stress to my niece (and my own 3 grown up daughters) is to STAND TOGETHER.

At times like this I spend time working with red amphibole quartz and pray for protection for our sisters. The kind of protection that warns the perps, shamers, and blamers about the dark phoenix we have within. Don’t mess with us. We stand together.


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