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Manifesting Prosperity

Manifesting prosperity can be a controversial topic as numerous mega church leaders preach about prosperity all while prompting followers for donations and enjoying a lavish lifestyle. How do we, as spiritual leaders, offer guidance about prosperity without falling into the same mega trap?

I’ve been there, sitting in the pew and stuffing envelopes with what little money we had at the time, living in a tiny trailer and the preacher lived in a substantial sized home on a large piece of property in the country just outside the city limits. Someone sure was manifesting prosperity, but it sure wasn’t me.

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

After leaving we found our earth based spiritual path and got caught up in a ‘pagan’-ish new-agey group, but again we kept hearing messages about prosperity coupled with advertising at the end of ritual. As a business owner I understanding marketing. Advertising is the bread and butter of a business, but not coupled with ritual. Ritual is sacred. The sacred moments of our spiritual journey work should not be entangled with live commercials before dismissing everyone with ‘namaste’.

Most prosperity teachings I’ve seen in the New Age community are centered around money. Not to say manifesting money is bad, but prosperity is SO MUCH MORE than just money.

The etymology of the word ‘prosper’ is rooted in Old Latin as pro spere, ‘according to one’s expectation, one’s hope’ and sped meaning speed. To prosper is about hope and our world needs a lot of it! We have forsaken the true meaning of prosper and chased after materialism.

Some of the world’s wealthiest people testify that money is nothing if you don’t have someone to live life with and to achieve your hopes together with. It all boils down to this… what are you hoping for?

Are we hoping to stuff the empty spaces of our hearts with material items? Mundane items won’t fulfill the heart nor heal our wounds, but allow me to share with you a little secret. When we hope to prosper in the heart, we will manifest a life of hope and prosperity. Hope comes first and prosperity comes last. However, there’s an in between space that holds the key to it all, belief. Some would say faith. We hope, then believe, then manifest.

That’s the order of things in the universe. When we work in the order the universe has set up for us we can achieve speedily and efficiently.

When we plan our intentions and set them loose in the world we need to work with the order of the universe. Look inward and make sure you’re in alignment with your best self. When we heal inwardly we hold more power to manifest outwardly.

Once we’re in alignment we can begin setting our intentions. There’s numerous creative ways to do this. One simple way I like to set intentions is with pen and paper. I always say there’s power in the pen. Not that the actual pen holds the power, it’s actually in us as we write with the pen. I have a free class in our group if you’d like to learn, just join our Circle of Intuition and look through the past events.

Another way to set intentions is with an intention jar. We made intention jars at our Mabon event. Everyone started with a small empty jar. You can use an old baby food jar, a jam jar, or spice jar. You can also get cute little jars at craft supply stores in a variety of shapes. Choose one that suits you.

We then layered in herbs, spices, salts, crystals, and you can use an oil to anoint the top rim of the jar just before adding your cork. Work with ingredients that correspond with the intentions you’re setting. Chant your intentions into the jar with each ingredient. For example: “With this lavender I set my intentions for healing and serenity.”

Once you’re done place the cork on and drip melting wax to seal the cork to the jar. You can also wrap a color string or ribbon around the neck and add charms if you’d like. Here is a list of recommended ingredients for prosperity work.

Cinquefoil. Cinquefoil is a five petaled flower with five leaves. The number of petals and leaves represents love, money, health, power, and wisdom. Each of these traits balance one another.

Bay Leaf. Bay leaves are perfect for setting intentions as they are large enough to write on them. You can write one word or a sigil of whatever you’re intending to manifest. You can either place the leaf in the jar or burn it first and add the ash. I recommend you use a food coloring pen.

Cinnamon. I like cinnamon because it works well for prosperity and for protection. You can add a small cinnamon stick or a layer of ground cinnamon. I’ve written about the magic of cinnamon right here.

Chamomile. Chamomile is known for welcoming in abundance. For further information about how abundance works see the categories list to the right of this post. Dried chamomile flower buds can be purchased at most health food stores in their bulk tea section or you can order them online from an organic supplier.

Cloves. For this kind of intentional work I prefer to work with whole cloves rather than ground. Cloves are known for luck, love, and protection. Layer your cloves into the jar.

Himalayan Salt. I like to add healing salt because it’s also very cleansing and can help keep our motives pure so we can avoid distractions from our ultimate goal.

Basil Essential Oil. When I anoint the rim of my jar I like to work with Basil Essential Oil. Make sure you’re working with an unadulterated essential oil for best manifestation results. Avoid using fragrance oils as they usually contain ingredients that aren’t cohesive with intentional work.

Citrine. Add a Citrine chip stone or small tumbled Citrine for added crystal magic. Citrine is widely known for prosperity and success.

Green Aventurine. Green Aventurine is known for inviting in money. You can either add it inside the jar or adhere it to the top of the cork.

Honey Calcite. I like to work with Honey Calcite to make sure I keep a sweet spirit in all my magical work. It also represent the hard work of a busy worker bee and all our manifestation work requires diligent hard work.

Unicorn Dust. You can use food grade glitter in the color associated with your intention. It’s always fun to add a bit of sparkle.

I hope your intentional work always brings the very best for you.

Magical blessings,


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The Science Behind Gratitude Healing

As priestesses/spiritual guides there’s this great work we do each day to find balance for ourselves first, then to guide others there too. Gratitude is the basis of a spiritual life and when we have a regular practice of gratitude we can become happier individuals. There really is a science behind practicing gratitude.

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

Studies have shown that people who have a regular and consistent practice of gratitude tend to be calmer and happier. When we’re neglectful of that practice we become irritable, selfish, and self-destructive.

Sometimes people have a difficult time thinking of what to be thankful for and even the simplest things don’t come to mind. If your stress and tension is so overwhelming that you forget that you can be thankful for the roof over your heads or that you have at least one person you can get a hug from then starting a spiritual gratitude practice for yourself is a priority that should start immediately.

Maybe even those two initial things are difficult for you to reach out for. Stress and depression can cloud our judgement and create a conflict within ourselves that inhibits us from thinking positively about things we really can be thankful for. I would recommend some memory recall rituals to help bring back some feelings of joy that you’ve had in the past. When we can visualize those memories and emotions they travel back through portals of grace so we can experience them again. Once you have those emotional moments back in the present it can make it easier to start your gratitude practice.

Our minds and emotions leave imprints on us when we’re going through experiences, whether good or difficult. When those imprints are made they become a part of our brain activity, both conscious and at a subconscious level. Many times the trauma we experience become embedded in our subconscious and our chaotic emotions trickle out in ways that seem confusing to others around us. Has anyone asked, “What’s wrong with you today?” and you honestly didn’t know? Something that had imprinted on you may be trying to emerge so you can process it. However, our conscious mind doesn’t always welcome those experiences and we end up blocking the portal and those traumatic experiences continue to fester.

Working with gratitude can help heal the soul and improve our overall joy and well-being. When you have a strong practice of gratitude it makes it easier to work through the past trauma, making room for healing to happen.

Maybe you’ve seen friends post in social media about things they’re thankful for. That’s good too, but I highly recommend you work with paper and a writing utensil. Here are some ways to make your practice enjoyable.

Image by Ka Young Seo from Pixabay

Use a colorful piece of paper. Choose a color that you love! If you don’t have colored paper, use a colored pencil or crayon to doodle hearts, flowers, or any other design that comes naturally to you. You’ll want to personalize your paper.

Anoint your paper with aromatics. You can anoint with an essential oil that lifts your mood or a favorite fragrance of body spray or perfume. When you add your personal touches to the paper you’re layering your magic to prepare for bountiful manifestation. Anoint all four corners to represent the directions and elements.

Use a pen or colored pencil in a color that lifts you. My favorite color is pink so I often write with pink ink pens. You can even anoint the shaft of your pen/pencil with the same oil or fragrance you used on the paper.

Light a candle. I find something truly powerful about lighting a specific kind of candle when I’m working with the power of the pen. I like to use white because it’s associated with diamonds and diamond is my birthstone. The only diamond I actually own is my wedding ring so a crystal I work with is Herkimer Quartz, nickname Herkimer Diamond. I place the Herkimer next to the candle when I light it. You can also anoint your candle with the same oil you used earlier.

“It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up.” ~Eckhart Tolle

Each day you’ll want to perform this ritual before you write. You can even write down a chant or affirmation associated with your practice. Repeat it three times when you light your candle, prior to writing.

Start with writing down three things you’re thankful for. It can be anything you’re glad about such as a sunny day. Maybe you’re thankful it’s a cloudy day. People have different preferences. Are you thankful for warm clothes on a chilly day? Are you thankful for having reading glasses so you can see? It can be the simplest of things.

Take three deep breaths after each thing you write down. Allow yourself to breathe in gratitude and exhale slowly. Repeat a chant with each breath.

  • Deep breath in…”I’m thankful for….” (and visualize it)
  • Slow exhale out… “I’m thankful for…”
  • Do this three times for each item on your list.

The next day you’ll do this again with three new things. After your last set of three breaths, repeat the first three from the day before. Repeat all these steps for seven days.

At the end of the seventh day, take time to reflect on your week.

How did your emotions transform during the week? Did you feel more outgoing? Did you find yourself smiling more often? Did you receive little (or big) blessings? Did you count them and write them down? Make sure you write down all the things you noticed during that week and give thanks for each of them by speaking those words out loud. What we speak, we manifest! This is the science of gratitude healing.

Thankful for you,


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Samhain and Halloween

I grew up in California enjoying Halloween with all my friends. That was back in the day when most neighbors handed out candy and we could safely go ‘trick or treating’ on our own. I loved carving pumpkins and bobbing for apples. My favorite part of Halloween was dressing up and sorting through our candy at the end of the night. While Halloween is very much an American tradition, I didn’t know what Samhain was until I was an adult.

photo source: Font Candy App

I first learned about pagan holy days when I was steeped in fundamentalist Christianity. My only source for ‘truth’ was what Christians told me….until I found Google. (Thanks, Google!)

Once we departed from that commune of belief, I started to see more about pagan tradition, cultures, and history in a way that stimulated my intellect. Now I love observing Samhain with my family! In fact, a lot of our Samhain traditions were traditions I had already practiced in church. In church we honored the departed one Sunday out of the year and called it ‘Heaven Night’. The church walls were adorned with large photos of our departed loved ones and we spent the evening talking about our memories of them. Samhain is a lot like that!

We set up a sacred space for our departed loved ones and set out their photos. We also include other items they enjoyed while they were on Earth. We light candles and make their favorite foods (or their recipes that we loved too).

In our family we celebrate both Samhain and Halloween. My third daughter once asked me what our culture was. She had been learning about other people’s cultures and she wondered about ours. Very simply, we’re Americans and our culture is Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and Superbowl Sunday. Funny as that seems, that’s American culture.

Our ancestors lived throughout the region where Samhain was observed. We have ancestors from the wider old Germanic region encompassing Norway, Ireland, and Scandinavia. My husband’s family had ancestors in Italy and The Netherlands. We honor all our ancestors so our children can appreciate their ancient heritage.

The main part of Samhain that we observe is the honoring of our ancestors. We set up a family altar with their photos and trinkets that they loved from a thimble to specific fruits and other baked goods. We also create crafts associated with that. We have a memory catcher (like a dream catcher) that has various colors of ribbons with their photos attached. If you join our Circle of Intuition you can watch the mini class on how to make this.

Along with Samhain, we’ll be carving pumpkins, decorating the home to scare off the ghouls and goblins, and going trick or treating. I think we can have the best of both worlds.

May your ancestors bless you this season,


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Fortune Telling and Tarot

There are still numerous cities throughout the country that prohibit fortune telling and Tarot reading. However, there are hidden gems of Readers who practice in hair salons, massage parlors, and even in some dive bars. When I first filed for my city business license I was asked to write down “no fortune telling” on my application. I thought that was odd because I was applying as a retailer of rocks and minerals. The clerk was insistent and implied it was necessary to get my license.

I was a bit put off by that and I asked if pastors had to do the same since they do fortune telling too. She looked at me with a puzzle and furrowed brow. I continued on that pastors tell you that if you give 10% of your income to the church that God WILL give back to you. I reiterated THAT was fortune telling. She looked bewildered, but said pastors are protected by their non-profit.

I came home and started researching the history of fortune telling laws (especially in my city) and found all kinds of stories about naive people who were taken advantage of by ‘fortune tellers’ who were sucking their bank accounts dry with promises to connect them with a deceased loved one! Those aren’t fortune tellers, those are greedy people who prey on grieving people.

Now here’s where I’ll probably step on some toes, but I can’t just NOT say something that can help you protect yourself. Those who have departed and passed through the veil don’t need money to get back to visit you or to deliver messages to you. You also don’t need to hand over your money in order to hear someone say you’re about to come into a big lump sum of money. Do you see the pattern here? Money, money, money.

Your spiritual path is worth far more than any amount of money a Reader could possibly ask from you. You should protect your spiritual life from being tainted by getting caught up in empty promises in exchange for money.

Now as far as “Fortune telling” goes, not everyone who offers Tarot readings are predicting the future. Not all Readers are going to tell you about fortune being in your future. There’s far too many people (and government officials) out there that are quick to pass judgement on anyone who works with Tarot. Some city laws don’t accurately define fortune telling so it puts a lot of Readers in a bind and inhibits them from their spiritual practice.

There are Readers who want to offer guidance and government officials who want to abolish them. It’s been quite a battle, but if we can educate the public we may be able to help diminish this ongoing issue a little at a time.

Working with Tarot is a spiritual practice and is a tool to help guide your intuition. I offer services to help you learn how to work with Tarot yourself and how to sharpen your intuition. It’s still enlightening to have someone else read cards for you, but the more you know the better equipped you’ll be before shelling out your hard earned dough. You can book an appointment with me here.

Magical Blessings,


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Is Astrology a Science?

I started working with astrology at a young age, as many of you may have. There was daily astrological readings for each of the zodiac in the newspaper and you may have seen the vending machines that have the monthly horoscopes rolled up in colorful scrolls. Maybe you’ve wondered if astrology is a science?

More often than not, the Taurean readings are pretty right on for me, but there have been some popular traits of the Bull that I disagreed with. I’ve read numerous website astrologists and watched YouTube astrologists over the years since the internet launched for the public and I find a lot of varying information.

Throughout the course of my studies and experiences I’ve come to accept that an astrologist’s readings are going to vary. I think that’s why critics are suspicious that astrology isn’t science. The truth is this, astrology is metaphysical. With that being said, nay-sayers will often scoff and ridicule people who believe in it.

Some Metaphysical studies are based on philosophy, but at the same time it includes the science of psychology. Psychology was’t considered a science until the late 19th century and there’s still a lot of people who don’t accept psychiatry as a legitimate profession or practice. So don’t be discouraged if people make fun of your path. When you understand how psychology works and spend time studying philosophy you’ll begin to see how science emerges in some metaphysical beliefs.

The reason I specify ‘some’ metaphysical beliefs is because not all metaphysical teachers hold the same beliefs and/or philosophy. After numerous years of working with people in recovery as a certified recovery counselor and as a doctor of spiritual healing, I’ve seen the connection between metaphysical beliefs and psychology. When I work with clients, I keep focused on balanced philosophy and psychology.

Astrology is a part of metaphysical studies and I firmly believe that we need to hold healthy beliefs in philosophy in order to understand an astrological reading. The more you come to understand about astrology and psychology the better experiences you’ll have with any reading. It’ll also help you make a better determination on which astrologist to work with.

So to conclude this article I’ll ask the question again. Is astrology a science? My best answer is that it depends on the astrologist guiding you. There are some astrologists who fly by the seat of their pants and try to read you the way the mentalists in Las Vegas do. There’s also some astrologists who approach their practice rooted in psychology and balanced philosophy.

I wish I could give you a better answer. I would love to say, “YES, astrology is backed by science”. Unfortunately, I feel it’s going to take a lot longer for medical professionals and scientists to accept astrology as, at the very least, associated with science. Part of this is going to depend on the astrological community changing the way they practice their paths and conduct their businesses. As consumers, you can help shift what we’ve always experienced by expecting your astrologists to work closely with psychology and to respect the sciences.

May your Mercury be more Freddie and less retrograde,


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Healing Crystals for Battling Negative Thoughts

Battling negative thoughts is a common occurrence for millions of people around the world. People try religion, life coaching, positive affirmations, and even healing crystals. My own journey began with investing in a crystal to help me battle and conquer negative thoughts about myself.

The group think of society conveys a negative vibe against everyone. Unfortunately, millions of consumers thrive on reading negative news stories and commentary on each other. It’s really awful when you think about how much of society *feasts* on garbage. Then they spew it out on others. It’s an atrocious way to live. It’s as if we live in a land full of zombies and we have to learn how to undo all those negative messages and start receiving what’s nourishing.

There was a time when I had left a spiritually abusive group and I had to battle very negative thoughts about myself. It was ingrained in me that I was nothing more than a worm, that any good I do is really just filthy rags, and so much more. I not only ate that lie, I believed it. I could tell you in a matter-of-fact tone that I ‘knew’ I was and shrug it off like it was no big deal. But deep down, it was festering.

Thankfully, we had left that environment and while on a trip we found a cool rock and mineral shop. It wasn’t a spiritual store, just a mineral store selling cool specimen pieces. I saw this cool green crystal and it kept grabbing my attention. The hue was so soothing to look at, it was glossy and cool to the touch. I put it down and kept looking at other pieces, but every time I glanced in its direction I felt drawn to it. I finally asked the owner if they had a book about rocks and minerals so could look that one up. She handed me a book of crystal meanings. The first attribute it described for this crystal was to battle negative thoughts about yourself. I gasped! It’s amazing how our intuition ‘knows’ how to reach out for what we need.

Now I’ve spent years working with crystals and guiding clients to learn which crystals can help them too. Part of working with crystals is beginning to learn what attributes each crystal offers, but also how to replace negative thoughts with nourishing thoughts. Once we learn the nourishing thoughts we need to believe them. Working with crystals to re-frame your path takes daily work, but over time you’ll start to see growth and healing.

I’ve gathered some crystals that have been proven to assist and support numerous clients, close friends, and family members of mine. There’s numerous ways to work with these crystals and you can learn more about that in our group, the Circle of Intuition. But for now I want to give you the knowledge of which crystals can support the journey of healing negative thoughts.

Green Calcite– Calcite is low on the measure of hardness scale (MOHS) so it requires extra care and attention when working with it and when storing it. It’s often associated with physical healing and is corresponded to the heart chakra. Allow it to work as a filter for your thoughts, gently cleansing out the negative ideas.

Selenite– Our thoughts can greatly influence our emotions and our emotions are governed by the moon. Selenite is associated with the moon and the deities associated with it. You can work with Selenite and the gentle moon beams to help support upbeat emotions.

Smoky Quartz– Smoky Quartz can transmute negative energy and is good to work with to help filter information before it infiltrates your psyche. All information we read and hear becomes a type of programming code for our minds. We need to make sure we’re filtering that code before we allow information in.

The next step is going to be working with crystals to manifest positive thoughts. You need to nourish yourself with a code worthy of your mind and body. Crystals to work with for manifesting positivity in your thinking are:

Orange Calcite– Work with Orange Calcite to re-energize the way you think about yourself. Just think about how energized you may feel after a brisk walk or when your immune system is strong from Vitamin C. You’ll want to nourish yourself with positive energetic input. Create 3×5 cards with affirmations that support you and hold your orange calcite while repeating those words 3 times each. Visualize those positive vibes penetrating your crystal so it can hold your new energy. You can keep that crystal with you all day and any time you feel your energy lever lowering, pull that crystal out and hold it while chanting your words again.

Rose Quartz– This crystal is historically known for its influence over the heart. When it comes to self-love, rose quartz is the popular choice by millions of people. I keep a rose quartz by my bathroom sink, just under my vanity mirror. I meditate on my own positive and nourishing words and thoughts while I prepare myself each morning.

In addition to working with healing crystals, it’s super important to have a support team. I hope you’ll join us in our group the Circle of Intuition where you can learn more strategies to help you in your journey.

Love and Positive Thoughts to You,


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Abundance Principles- Honesty

Honesty: Creating a lifestyle of abundance requires us to be honest. First with ourselves, then with others. Who are we at our core? When you’re honest with yourself it becomes easier to co-create with the universe so you can have a life of abundance.

Most people consider themselves honest. On the surface we mostly think of whether or not we habitually lie to others. Are we always honest with people? Have you ever skipped work by saying you were sick when you really went to a sporting event or concert? Have you ever done something but denied you did that deed? These are surface lies we tend to think about, but lets open that door a little further.

The most important part of honesty is with ourselves. Diving into this topic isn’t one that many people think about, but makes a great self-reflection practice. Ask yourself these questions..

Am I honest with myself?

Honest about what?

Our human condition usually understand this question better…

What lie do I tell myself the most?

I suspect this is an easier question because it works on the negative side and our society consistently lies to us about who we are. Then we tell ourselves those same lies. Then we believe the lies. Hence we aren’t honest with ourselves. We’re killing ourselves with this toxic form of communicating.

  • I’m ugly.
  • I’m not very smart.
  • I can’t communicate well.
  • I’m an awful person.
  • I’m not thin enough.

Now that you see where I’m going with this, lets ask the question again.

Am I honest with myself?

Well, what would the opposite of those lies be?

  • I look my best when I smile and it makes me feel better too.
  • My greatest skill is understanding technology. I help my parents with their smart phones and entertainment systems.
  • I’m very good at writing down my thoughts. Writing helps me communicate better.
  • I genuinely love to help the elderly at the store. They show appreciation for my kind gestures.
  • I look great in blue! It’s my best color.

It’s easier to sink into the negative abyss. It’s harder work to think honestly, but hard work manifests abundance!

When you smile throughout the day you attract people to yourself. It’s easier to make friends with a smile than with a frown. Making new friends happens in the abundance field. All of the things you could be honest with yourself about will manifest in the abundance field. That’s where we should be living. You can work with Lapis Lazuli while you develop your truth, that honest voice within you.

Now tell me, what honest things have you been telling yourself? What honest things are you going to work on communicating to yourself and to the world around you?

Comments are always open.

Magical blessings,

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Abundance Principles- Allow

Allow: Resisting change is limiting the flow of our personal power. Even Grandmother Trees show us how beautiful change can be. Imagine if she resisted her leaves from their beautiful transition. There’s wisdom to be found among her branches.

This season of Fall reminds us that not everything in life is meant to serve us or benefit us forever. Just as the leaves shed their leaves, we also need to consider what needs to be let go of. In order for us to live abundantly, we need to be willing to release what is weighing us down so we can make room for abundance to make its way into our lives.

When we work with this principle, allow, I’m not saying to let chaotic energy to have it’s way. What I am saying is to allow yourself to see, sense, and feel what’s happening. It’s like spider sense. You’re sensing something for a reason.

Listen, feel, breathe.

  • What’s the lesson?
  • Is there a message?

Try working with the Tarot to see if the cards can reveal some insight to you. I’m working with clients to help them learn how to receive through the Tarot (and Oracle cards), you can schedule an appointment here. Don’t be afraid to allow. Just learn how to navigate it.

Magical blessings,


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Hunter’s Moon

Do you know how much I love this season? If you’ve been reading my blog you’re probably noticing the increased activity. There’s something mystical about this time of year. Inspiration seems to come more abundantly and I’m suspecting it’s because the veil is thinning and all the wondrous magic from our ancestors is coming through.

The Hunter’s Moon speaks to us about finalizing our hunt before the harsh winter hits. Whatever it is that you’ve been working on this year, it’s time to go in for the ‘kill’ and reap your rewards.

When working with the Hunter’s Moon, as with any full moon, you’ll want to allow the full moon energy to fill some crystals with that abundant and fulfilling energy. Since this full moon is so close to Samhain, I also gather specific crystals together to soak up all that Moon Goddess vibe.


Nothing speaks of the Divine Moon Goddess herself like Selenite. Her namesake crystal is believed to harness her magical moon beams. Hail Diana!

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite holds sacred energy for your jewelry. Simply place your rings, bracelets, earrings, or amulets on an Orange Calcite charging plate over night to prepare your adornments for the next day.


I love working with mini quartz generators for grid work in a limited space. Quartz can work with any energy you need when other crystals may not be available to you.

Orange Selenite

Each of these Orange Selenite tumbled pieces hold a blushing moon energy for your ancestral work this Samhain.

Black Tourmaline

One of the most powerful crystals to work with for spiritual protection. These tumbled pieces are perfect for your Samhain altar and to hold close while the veil is thinning. Please one in your Enchanted Jack O’ Lantern for added protection.

Amphibole Phantom Quartz

Phantom Quartz with grounding vibes waiting to partner with your passions.

Smoky Quartz

Divine Smoky Quartz wands, double terminated for magic that sends and receives protective energy.

Chlorite Phantom Quartz

Chlorite Phantom Quartz generators to work with heart healing energy. Ready to restore a relationship? Work with Chlorite Quartz.

Carnelian Flames

Passionate Carnelian Flames for raising the fires that burn away all that no longer serves you.


Malachite works with your enchantments and charms for emotional harmony and stability in friendships.


The Sorcerer’s Stone to bring all kinds of power and mysticism into your practice. Potent crystal to ground you firmly while dealing with difficult people.

This Full Moon we’re holding sacred space for our ancestors who may be visiting for Samhain this year. We’re gathering around a bonfire and will be placing our crystals in a safe place around the fire to receive the energy of our ritual. Always use caution when it comes to crystals and flame, the fire can heat up your crystals and be hot. So keep them at a safe distance.

Magical blessings,


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Magic with Rosemary

When it comes to magic with rosemary you might be remembering the famous quote from Practical Magic about keeping rosemary by your garden gate. Rosemary is such a powerful herb and many grocery stores grow it in their parking lots. Though I don’t recommend wild harvesting from those locations since so many of their landscaper companies use pesticides on them. The best place to get rosemary is to grow it yourself, buy from an organic seller, or get a small sprig of organic rosemary at a local food market that’s known for offering safe food.

“There are some things I know for certain: always throw spilled salt over your left shoulder; keep rosemary by your garden gate; plant lavender for luck; and fall in love whenever you can.” ~Sally Owens, Practical Magic

While there are numerous websites that offer their input on the magic of rosemary, I lean toward understanding its physical influence on the mind and body, then learn how that corresponds in the spirit.

Rosemary is a wonderful herb to grow in your own garden for a variety of medicinal uses. Rosemary is wonderfully supportive for lung health, improving memory, kicking the coffee habit, eliminate dandruff, and to aid in digestion.

Rosemary is associated with Aquarius and these Wellness and Balance Crystals.

From the head down to the mid region, rosemary has its influence over our lives. It corresponds with your third eye, throat, and heart chakras. Any magic that comes from these areas can be influenced and supported by rosemary.

Since rosemary can support memory function, it also works well to improve clear thinking and intuitive skills. Pair your rosemary with clear quartz for heightened awareness. Steep some rosemary and lemon zest in hot water to make a tea for memory and psychic improvement. This is the perfect magical tea to substitute for your morning coffee to help kick the caffeine habit. Rosemary and lemon helps to boost brain function in a more powerful way than coffee does. You can add a tumbled quartz to your cup too! If you’re not comfortable working with crystals in your drinks, plant a clear quartz in your rosemary planter.

You can also work with rosemary to alleviate struggles with your respiratory system which influences your communication. For this method of use I would work with rosemary essential oil instead of the plant. You can diffuse rosemary essential oil in a water diffuser to help improve lung function. Keep a diffuser in the bathroom and run it with rosemary essential oil while showering. The steam from the shower will help the diffuser mist to fill the room for you to breathe while getting ready for the day. For communication magic add a larimar heart to your diffuser water.

There’s so much more we can do if we partner with rosemary. Please join us in our FB group Circle of Intuition to learn more.

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