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Abundance Principles- Self Reflection

Self Reflection: I would venture to say most people do not practice self-reflection. Looking inward is often met with fear and resistance and these are limiting to our personal growth and development. We want to create sacred space where abundance can thrive, but we need to look inward and be able to recognize the areas that need our healing attention.

Let me ease your fearsĀ and resistance to practicing self reflection. When you look within, Source is going to guide you to what you can safely handle, yet enough to challenge you to make steps toward change. Because once you make a change, no matter how small, it’s going to be significant enough to start a chain reaction of changes to lead you to total transformation.

Here are some crystals to support you in your transformation journey:

Peacock Ore: Peacock Ore, is gloriously splashed with metallic colors. It is said to be supportive of anyone who is working inwardly to make positive changes in their lives.

Moldavite: It’s no wonder Moldavite is a crystal well sought after, it’s formed from a meteorite that hit the earth and created this very unique piece of magic. Can we harness its power to transform ourselves in such a treasured manner as it transformed bits of earth?

Amethyst: In Greek, Amethyst means “not intoxicated” and is often the crystal people turn to when they want a positive change in life. It’s perfect for those in recovery from addiction.

Using these three crystals together is a powerhouse trio for ultimate transformation.

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