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Abundance Principles- Planting Seeds

We’re often thinking of how we can plant seeds in the lives of others, but how often do we think of doing the same for ourselves? Planting seeds is an intentional practice of abundance. There’s a vast metaphor within this lesson that will span a few more Abundance Principles and I want to make sure you benefit from this. In order for us to effectively plant seeds for others, we need to first be our own Master Gardener.

What seeds have you planted in your own garden? If you want your kids to accept who they are, you first must accept who you are. If you want your family to be loving, that starts with you exemplifying love. Want your kids to share, but do you share? This principle goes hand in hand with the previous one principle, self reflection. What seeds are you planting in yourself? Are you being kind to yourself? Loving? Brave?

What seeds can you plant today?

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