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Abundance Principles- Honesty

Honesty: Creating a lifestyle of abundance requires us to be honest. First with ourselves, then with others. Who are we at our core? When you’re honest with yourself it becomes easier to co-create with the universe so you can have a life of abundance.

Most people consider themselves honest. On the surface we mostly think of whether or not we habitually lie to others. Are we always honest with people? Have you ever skipped work by saying you were sick when you really went to a sporting event or concert? Have you ever done something but denied you did that deed? These are surface lies we tend to think about, but lets open that door a little further.

The most important part of honesty is with ourselves. Diving into this topic isn’t one that many people think about, but makes a great self-reflection practice. Ask yourself these questions..

Am I honest with myself?

Honest about what?

Our human condition usually understand this question better…

What lie do I tell myself the most?

I suspect this is an easier question because it works on the negative side and our society consistently lies to us about who we are. Then we tell ourselves those same lies. Then we believe the lies. Hence we aren’t honest with ourselves. We’re killing ourselves with this toxic form of communicating.

  • I’m ugly.
  • I’m not very smart.
  • I can’t communicate well.
  • I’m an awful person.
  • I’m not thin enough.

Now that you see where I’m going with this, lets ask the question again.

Am I honest with myself?

Well, what would the opposite of those lies be?

  • I look my best when I smile and it makes me feel better too.
  • My greatest skill is understanding technology. I help my parents with their smart phones and entertainment systems.
  • I’m very good at writing down my thoughts. Writing helps me communicate better.
  • I genuinely love to help the elderly at the store. They show appreciation for my kind gestures.
  • I look great in blue! It’s my best color.

It’s easier to sink into the negative abyss. It’s harder work to think honestly, but hard work manifests abundance!

When you smile throughout the day you attract people to yourself. It’s easier to make friends with a smile than with a frown. Making new friends happens in the abundance field. All of the things you could be honest with yourself about will manifest in the abundance field. That’s where we should be living. You can work with Lapis Lazuli while you develop your truth, that honest voice within you.

Now tell me, what honest things have you been telling yourself? What honest things are you going to work on communicating to yourself and to the world around you?

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Magical blessings,

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