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Abundance Principles- Allow

Allow: Resisting change is limiting the flow of our personal power. Even Grandmother Trees show us how beautiful change can be. Imagine if she resisted her leaves from their beautiful transition. There’s wisdom to be found among her branches.

This season of Fall reminds us that not everything in life is meant to serve us or benefit us forever. Just as the leaves shed their leaves, we also need to consider what needs to be let go of. In order for us to live abundantly, we need to be willing to release what is weighing us down so we can make room for abundance to make its way into our lives.

When we work with this principle, allow, I’m not saying to let chaotic energy to have it’s way. What I am saying is to allow yourself to see, sense, and feel what’s happening. It’s like spider sense. You’re sensing something for a reason.

Listen, feel, breathe.

  • What’s the lesson?
  • Is there a message?

Try working with the Tarot to see if the cards can reveal some insight to you. I’m working with clients to help them learn how to receive through the Tarot (and Oracle cards), you can schedule an appointment here. Don’t be afraid to allow. Just learn how to navigate it.

Magical blessings,


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