Little Bag of Mermaid Magic©


Little Bag of Mermaid Magic©

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Mermaids are avid collector’s of the bounties of the sea. This Little Bag of Mermaid Magic© comes from their love of the sea and all her treasures, after they have been abandoned. They love their home and take pride in caring for the land under the sea. Each day the mermaids comb the bottom of the ocean to find broken coral and take it home to their caves to care for them until they can be reunited with new caregivers who will treasure them with all their hearts. On rare occasions, like under the new moon when little light is shed on the shores, mermaids will come to where Mother Ocean meets Mother Earth to collect coral that has been washed ashore. These little relics of the deep have been bleached by the scorching sun and are ready to work with you and your ocean magic.

photo source : By John William Waterhouse – BBC Your Paintings (now available by Art UK),

Public Domain,

While the tailed maidens are on their monthly collection journeys, they also sometimes find abandoned shells. Little crabs, as they grow, will abandon their homes and they turn up on the shores. Sometimes the mermaids will use them as adornments in their hair and sometimes they will bless them with aqua magic before sending them up to their land faring advocates.

These little bags of mermaid treasures are created with you in mind. You, the advocate for the seas and all her creatures. You are here today because Mother Ocean has called you to work with this tiny treasure.

These little bags from the sea are adorned with the mystical dolphin stone of Lemuria, Larimar! Larimar is known to assist you in communication (especially with kin). It works mightily with the water elements so if you want to connect with the powers of the sea, Pisces, Scorpio, and/or Cancer then this is the stone to work with. Larimar has been of great service to me, you can read about that here.

Also accompanying this charmed blessing is a dolphin charm for added animal totem energy. Dolphins are the guardians of the sea and are there to support you and protect you.

Suggestions for ritual work:

Use the four pieces of coral as directional pieces in your water element inspire grid and place the shell in the center. It’s cyclic form and pointed end acts as a generator. Once you’ve completed your ritual you can either leave it in place or collect the magic infused elements and place back in the bag to carry with you. Use great care, as coral is fragile.

The magic charm can be wrapped around a selenite wand and used for opening and closing your circle. You can find Selenite here in my shop.

This lovely organza bag, white as the sea foam, contains:

  • 4 pieces of coral
  • 1 shell
  • and is adorned with a 
  • genuine larimar bead
  • 2 sparkly aqua glass beads
  • and a dolphin charm
  • tied with silk ribbons and blue embroidery floss.

Note: These are natural elements so size and shape may vary slightly.

These treasures were created under ritual with the magic I brought home from Hawaii. The floss and Larimar have been anointed with natural oils of coconut, Tuberose, and Tahitian Vanilla.

This blessed mermaid kit can be used in combination with the Goddess Mysteries class for Pele.

Magical blessings,


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