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Learn magical foundations, ethics, family altars, and more in this simple at-home intuitive practice designed for you and your family.

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My philosophy is that women can wear many hats successfully. One need not be one or the other. We are not divided into a this or that category as women. If one is a stay-at-home woman or a full time out-of-the-home woman. The divided idea of “homemaker vs working woman” is contrary to our power. We embody it all! Most of my marriage I’ve been an at-home woman, working individual out-of-home jobs over the course of 25 years. No matter how many roles you have in this life, creating abundance and blessings at home is your birthright. My thoughts are that it all begins within and is practiced first at home for ourselves and our loved ones. It’s the safest place to start your intuitive practice and as you come into your power you’ll see magic manifesting everywhere you go.

This class is designed to introduce you to the basics of intuitive practice to create abundance and blessings in your life and in the lives of those closest to you. I’ve created this process to be flexible with your spiritual path no matter where you’re at currently. No prerequisites required.

Duration: 9 months- 1 class per month appx 45-60 minutes

Cost: $20 a month

Student Time Investment: Each class requires some work on your part and time varies based on your creativity.

Content: Your virtual classroom will contain content you can download so you can study off-line to prepare for the upcoming classes.

Class Interaction: After each video class, we will discuss and share in the Facebook group.

Supplies: Many of the supplies are easily obtainable in most communities at a fair price. Some crystals and other tools will be available at a discount (supplies limited). Members receive 10% of all items in the shop, special offer items at 12% off.

As your teacher, I want to see you obtain tools at a reasonable investment without overextending your budget.

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