Goddess Mysteries

$25.00 / month for 12 months

Twelve month course studying goddesses from around the world.

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The Goddess Mysteries is a 12 month metaphorical ‘trip’ around the world. We will be diving into 12 very different cultures with 1 thing in common. The Goddess. She presents herself as something different to everyone. From the Aborigines of Australia to the Inuit tribes of northern Canada. The Goddess is a mystery waiting to be discovered. Join us for one hour a month to commune with the Maiden, Mother, and Crone aspects of the Lady. She is wild, she is kind, and she is fierce.

The Goddess beckons you to ‘take up your backpacks’ and altar kits to follow her around the world. We will ‘trudge through muddy habitats’ and ‘see the Goddess peaking at us between the leaves’. She is the voice that you hear echoing across the Savannah. She ‘bundles us up in furs as the icy winds nip at our noses’. The Maiden dances with us under the moon, the Mother tucks us in at night, and the Crone teaches us of the spirits that rise with the sun.

Everyone who ‘joins our caravan’ will get:

-The opportunity to purchase a sacred kit for each Goddess of the 12 months (supplies are limited).

-Each devotee will receive a free download of the class notes, goddess correspondences, invocations, and access to the video for future reference.

-All devotees will have access to our secret Facebook group for support as you seek to work with each goddess.

The following month’s Goddess will be announced at the end of the hour-long journey. We will announce the date and time in advance to give you time to plan to come with us.

Course begins July 3rd, 2017.

So, join us! The Goddess calls out to you! Will you answer her?

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