Goddess Mysteries- Sedna Class



Join Mystic Jess as she invokes the Inuit Goddess, Sedna.

This is the sixth journey, in a 12 month course, in the Goddess Mysteries. This Goddess, Sedna, is from the Ancient Inuit people. I’m Jess, your guide for these mysterious voyages. I’ll be your Attendant during this journey as we fly north toward the Aurora Borealis and through a time portal to encounter the Goddess Sedna.

This listing is for ONE Goddess Mystery Class (Sedna), which includes:

  • One hour video class
  • A download of the Sedna Invocation
  • A download of the class notes

For those who enroll for the full twelve months they’ll receive:

  • One hour video class
  • 10% off the Sedna Ritual Kit which contains treasures that correspond with the goddess, Sedna.
  • A download of the Sedna Invocation
  • A download of the class notes
  • Access to the secret Facebook group
  • Bonus material shared in the group
  • 10% off all items in the shop
  • 10% off all Goddess Kits (subject to availability)

Enroll Here for the full 12 months  and save $60!

*When purchasing this stand alone class, your classroom password and link will be sent to your email. Please allow up to 24 hours to process your purchase and receive this information.

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