Amethyst Sphere for Dream Recall

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Amethyst has been used for dream support for thousands of people world wide. It’s the very first crystal I reach for when one of my children wakes from a bad dream. I’ve also worked with Amethyst (especially as spheres) for dream recall. Sometimes you wake up with only a fragment of a memory of what you dreamed and the significance was so compelling and you know there must have been more, but you may have woken abruptly and now need to recall those images.

When a crystal is in sphere formation, it radiates energy in all directions. When I’m working with an Amethyst Sphere for dream recall, I want to absorb energy from all around me and my bed to help bring those images back to my conscious mind.

This sphere measures approximately 2 1/4 inches and comes gift wrapped with magical herbs for consecrating the sphere to your dream work.

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