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Abalone shells have been sought after for thousands of years by land faring folk as well as merfolk. They can be used in jewelry pieces and as basins for collecting shells, pearls, and other magical items the merfolk find along the ocean floor. Humans often use them in ceremonial practices as a water element in ritual as well as for smudging with dried herbs or sage wands. You can also use them as a soap dish, to hold jewelry, and as an offering dish on your altar.

Abalone can be worked with during a woman’s monthly cycle to support synchronicity with the lunar cycle. The moon, abalone, and water are key elements for women during this time.

The iridescence of an abalone is due to the layers of it’s shell.  “Abalone shell is made up of polygonal (usually hexagonal) tiles of a very hard crystalline form of calcium carbonate, aragonite, cemented in a thin matrix of conchiolin.” (source) Conchiolin is a tough, insoluble protein secreted by mollusks, forming the organic matrix of the shell within which calcium carbonate is deposited.

Abalone teaches us to nurture ourselves during this time. Be sure to include an array of dark vegetables, more water, and some supplements to help you create comfort and ease during the monthly transition. You’re beautiful and marvelous and deserve to be cared for!

Abalone is represented in the Water element and is a sacred shell for Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Abalone brings love, gentleness, holiness, and offers support for emotions.

Each one is unique and is chosen intuitively for you.

They measure approximately 3 inches.

Comes gift wrapped with a sage leaf and I include an abalone usage guide for your ceremonial purposes.

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