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Magical Mothering Monday

Childhood is especially memorable when magic has been integrated into the mundane activities of our youth. When I see all the small children wearing fairy wings and adorning themselves with glitter and “smell goods”, I’m reminded of when our generation thought dressing up with grandma’s clip on earrings was a special treat. We have so much available to use today to make childhood magical for our children and even our nieces and nephews. I don’t know about you, but the neighborhood children know they can expect something magical when they come to our house. Our front yard has fairy homes and pathways scattered throughout our front planter!

When my nieces come to visit, we pay extra attention to these tiny magical homes to see if we can witness the shimmering wings of the garden fairies. We’ll often create fairy rings with the tiny flowers that grow in my garden and even leave out a small shell with treats for the fairies. Oh you know, tiny buttons, colorful thread, and tiny shells. Just the kinds of gifts they might want to use in their own crafting.

When morning breaks the horizon, the little ones are up early to see if they spy any tiny footprints in the soil. As the sun climbs in the sky they can see the sparkling of fairy dust along the fairy paths and behold a tiny sweet treat is left for them as a thank you from their little friends.

We go exploring to see if we can find any hiding Fae under the leaves of the plants and we find little critters like spiders, caterpillars, and ants busy at work! We imagine together what these critters had to say to the fairies when they came out under the moonlight!

Inspiring childhood imagination is a hallmark of magical mothering!

After spending several years searching for fairies with my own 3 daughters and with my nieces, I discovered the simplest magical tools any fairy would love to find! I’ve listed The Little Bag O’ Fairy Magic© in my shop for curious little fairy lovers!

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